Patricia Pardo was broadcast live with a farmer’s phrase ‘I have no sound’

Patricia Pardo starred in the ‘Summer show’ at a very emotional moment. The journalist was visibly touched as he listened to the testimony of David, a farmer from A Coruña, describing his bad moment in his barn due to the drought our country is going through: “We cannot feed the animals. We are helpless, all our business is here, we can just look up at the sky and wait for the rain to come.”

“I have calves and from here my animals will not benefit from anything. We only need to import grain, but the material from abroad is not suitable, it is very expensive. we can’t get this, corn is everything to us, it’s the only thing we’re good at. It’s a plant that needs water and sun, we have the tropics and nothing,” David cried after asking Pardo how they plan to resolve the dire losses their business has suffered.

Listening to you breaks our hearts (… ) Oh my God, I’m getting emotional“Confirmed the communicator from the Telecinco set, speechless as he saw and listened to the words of David, who was totally impressed: “We don’t have any plans… Sorry“.

After this difficult event, Patricia Pardo asked her colleagues to end the live connection after a significant silence during this connection. “Let’s leave this here because you’re having a terrible time and so am I. I have no voice I wish you the best, from my heart“, convicted the journalist Those who can’t hold their tears and the ‘Summer program: “Oh my god!”

Source: Informacion


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