Musician Frank Ocean launches male genital jewelry

Singer Frank Ocean has announced the launch of a novelty of his luxury brand Homer, the XXL H-Bone Ring, a gold ring designed to decorate the penis. This has been reported hypebeast.

The accessory is made of 18 carat gold and encrusted with diamonds. The price of the ring is 25 thousand dollars.

The Homer brand’s website also offers more affordable ring options—ranging from $1364 to $5,695.

On Instagram (the owner of Meta is recognized as an extremist organization), the brand’s ring is shown directly above the intended organ, but the penis itself is retouched so that only the jewelry is visible.

Frank Ocean’s Homer brand was founded in New York in 2018. She produces jewelry using artificially grown diamonds and enamel, as well as silk scarves and other accessories.

In 2021, in collaboration with fashion house Prada, the brand launched a limited line of clothing and accessories.

Previously reportedsinger Lizzo advertised homewear for lingerie brand Yitty.

Source: Gazeta


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