These are the locations where Prime Video’s ‘Grantchester’ was filmed

British television’s idyllic and sometimes pointing skill Fake portraits from a postcard in England this is overwhelming. ‘Grantchester’ is a stone’s throw from Cambridge University on the banks of the River Cam. It has been a town since time immemorial, where students come by boat and have tea at 5 o’clock with delicious ‘scones’ and picnic with a checkered tablecloth and wicker basket. It’s good that the small town has developed this. picturesque viewOne of the series, which the film describes as ‘cup cinema’, made it possible for one of the series to bear the name of the town, and was shot there without transforming the cobblestone streets of today, without the need to convey the atmosphere to the atmosphere. 50’s, which is when the action happens.

The television series ‘Grantchester’ was born from the novels written by James Runcie. smell Christie Agathais about a clergyman who collaborates on detective duties with the local police commissioner. Runcie, II. He was inspired by his own father, who fought in World War II, became a priest and eventually Archbishop of Canterbury (that’s nothing), but he certainly didn’t have the plant of James Norton, who embodied the man, the unconventional and very sexy Anglican. facing Sidney Chambers in their first season.

The villagers brag to have more Nobel prizes more than any part of the planet Among its 600 residents (we shouldn’t underestimate Cambridge’s proximity). There are about 300 houses, most with stone or thatched roofs, and a 14th-century church of Saint Andrews and Saint Mary, the natural habitat of the hero. The parsonage where Chambers lives is actually an hour from town, but here you can visit the former The Green Man pub (one of four in town), which was temporarily closed due to covid. First of all, you need to take a walk in their meadow (a song by Pink Floyd, ‘Granchester meadows’ celebrates them) and plunge into a pool of Glass where Lord Byron immersed himself while studying. at Trinity College Cambridge. Actually, Visiting the campus, which appears repeatedly in the series, is also a must..

The concentration of England we all cherish is so British that it became the subject of a nostalgic poem Rupert Brooke wrote in Berlin shortly before he died in the First World War. Virginia Woolf boasted of bathing naked with him in the famous pool. The poet wrote: “I wish I was in Grantchester, in Grantchester.”

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