Dress for rent and a friend’s mansion: how Boris and Carrie Johnson got married

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently resigned and his wife, Carrie Johnson, celebrated their wedding, which took place a year ago. Last year, on May 29, at the height of the pandemic, the head of the cabinet married Carrie Symonds at Westminster Abbey – ceremony held organized Secretly for 30 guests. But that didn’t mean the couple left the big party: On Saturday, July 30, 2022, Boris and Carrie Johnson got married in a big way.

Initially, it was assumed that the wedding will take place in the country residence of the British Prime Minister – Checkers House. But Boris Johnson’s resignation made adjustments to that plan. The celebration was held in Costwolds, at the estate of 76-year-old Lord Bamford, one of the UK’s Conservative Party sponsors – Lady Bamford and Carrie Johnson also participated in the preparations, according to British media.

Boris Johnson’s resignation also affected the composition of the invitees. As such, among the guests was not a former aide to Prime Minister Michael Gove, who was sacked by Johnson in early July for urging the cabinet chief to resign.

The Sun and Daily Mail claimed that former health minister Sajid David, who was one of the first to resign in early July and sparked a government crisis, was not part of the party. Missing Johnson’s wedding was to former cabinet ministers Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, who are now vying for the presidency.

The holiday was held outdoors on the estate of billionaire Lord Anthony Bamford, owner of JCB, a major construction and farm equipment manufacturer. On more than 600 hectares of land with a garden, a mansion and an 18th-century greenhouse, a huge pavilion with tables for guests was pre-planted.

About 200 guests came to the party – among the first to get on the cameras of street photographers were Boris Johnson’s father, 81-year-old Stanley Johnson, and Rachel, the outgoing prime minister’s sister. Also among the invitees was her fame with Conservative MPs Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nadine Dorries and construction magnate Nick Candy, husband of Australian actress Holly Valance of Neighbors.

For drinks, guests were served a Negroni cocktail based on gin, red vermouth, and campari (it’s claimed to be Carrie Johnson’s favorite cocktail).

The party treat was an African-style barbecue by Smoke & Braai, which served locally produced slow-cooked barbecued meats and tacos, barbacoa-style smoked lamb, South African Burvors sausages, and an “ancient” cereal salad. The company was founded three years ago by Simon Chiremba from Zimbabwe, who graduated from a cooking school in Birmingham.

According to British media, this choice of treat was due to Carrie Johnson’s concern for environmental protection. The dress selection was also environmentally friendly.

At the ceremony, Carrie Johnson appeared in a champagne-colored outfit by fashion designer Savannah Miller. The silk dress cost £3,500, but the bride rented it from Wardrobe HQ for just £25. By the way, she also rented a dress for her secret wedding at Westminster Abbey last year – at the time it was an ivory embroidered dress by Greek designer Christos Kostarellos and could be rented for £45.

The celebration was not without incident. While the guests were served meat and negroni, Steve Bry, the famous opponent of Brexit in England, staged a solo strike behind the fence.

He showed the cameras a poster that read “Brexit is not working” and a sign depicting Boris Johnson as a Joker card.

The protesters were deported by the police. He also wrote on social networks about the detention of his colleague, photographer Silvia Yukio Zamperini.

“I was going to meet Sylvia, but she called. She was searched by the police. A police bus and car drove past me 20 minutes ago. She was crying and waving frantically from the backseat. She was arrested,” said Steve Bry. daily mail. Gloucester police, where Lord Bamford’s estate is located, declined to comment.

Boris Johnson danced with his young wife in Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline: Caroline was chosen because it was his wife’s first name.

Boris Johnson’s wedding was held on Saturday (July 30th) at British Conservative Party sponsor Lord Bamford’s mansion in the Coastwolds. It was held one year after the secret wedding at Westminster Abbey. The prime minister’s recent resignation prevented him from having a party at his Checker House, and slightly changed the guest list.

Source: Gazeta


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