“Simplified” Lada Granta tops the top 5 new cars on the Russian market for the summer of 2022

“Simplified” Lada Granta became the most popular automobile novelty on the Russian market in the summer of 2022. informs Portal “Automatic news of the day” with a link to their research.

It was noted that the Lada Granta was deprived of ABS, ERA-GLONASS, immobilizer and even airbags due to the lack of components. Because of this, its price fell by more than 100 thousand rubles. and it costs at least 658,300 rubles. (including shares).

Second place was taken by the fifth generation Kia Sportage crossover. The cost of the car, depending on the configuration, ranges from 2,849,000 to 4,039,900 rubles. The model is available in seven trim levels and with two petrol engines combined with both manual and automatic transmissions.

In third place is the Haval Dargo SUV (from 3,199,000 rubles). Fourth and fifth places are occupied by Changan Uni-K crossovers (from 3,220,000 rubles) and Exeed TXL with a 197-horsepower 2.0-liter gasoline engine (4,649,900 rubles).

Previously reportedChinese automaker BYD will recall around 53,000 Tang DM plug-in hybrid models due to the battery issue. Manufacturing defects relate to the battery case where water can seep in and cause a short circuit. In turn, it can lead to a fire.

Source: Gazeta


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