Royal biceps: Can a simple woman pump her arms like Kate Middleton?

British media calls Kate Middleton the most athletic member of the British royal family. Previously, Princess Diana had such a title, which the paparazzi regularly caught at the entrance to the gym. Despite the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge has never been photographed on the threshold of a fitness center, it is clear to anyone that sport is constantly involved in her life.

Everyone judges her physical form with her hands: according to royal protocol, the duchess is not allowed to wear revealing clothes, or even skirts above the knee, for example. That’s why the Daily Mail in mid-July devoted a full article to discussing Kate Middleton’s sculpted, toned arms, which she showed wearing a sleeveless Emilia Wickstead dress for £1350.

“For many years, developed arm muscles were the hallmark of female athletes only, and were considered too “manly” for people like you and me,” wrote journalist Lisa Hilton. “And now, elegantly sculpted shoulders are a sign of youth, self-confidence, and feminine power – and cause women around them to sigh as much envy as perfect style.”

Indeed, Kate Middleton, who turns 40 this year, has embossed, toned and muscular hands – and this result can be achieved through regular exercise. What the Duchess Does: British Magazine Hello there He claims that Prince William’s wife regularly runs in Norfolk, does yoga and CrossFit high-intensity interval training, does strength training and plays tennis.

When rugby player Mike Tindall (husband of Queen Elizabeth II’s great-grandson) was asked which royal he would include in his dream rugby team on the TV show House of Rugby, he named Kate Middleton.

“On one side is the Duchess of Cambridge because she loves to run, she can run all day. Bike!” he answered.

The hands of the Spanish Queen Letizia, a representative of another royal family, also cause envy among women. According to the same Hello!, she also devotes a lot of time to physical exercises. In his arsenal – Iyengar yoga and training with weights (the queen devotes a lot of time to working on the biceps and shoulders, as her former trainer Jose Ignacio Erandez-Coronado told the publication).

How to get the same strong hands as Kate Middleton and Queen Letizia? Every trainer has their own theory about this.

“Dumbbell bench press on an incline bench, triceps extension in crossover, abduction of arms with dumbbells to the sides, curl for biceps with EZ bar: all these exercises will help to achieve a beautiful and harmonious relaxation of the arms, like Kate. Middleton”, personal trainer of the “DON-Sport” network of fitness clubs Victoria Semenova lists a short list of necessary exercises. She also believes that exercises for the deltas, pecs, and back should be included in the maintenance mode training plan, she says.

Aleksey Bolyaev, a personal trainer at the Women’s Secrets fitness club, recommends doing basic exercises for the shoulder girdle, which allow you to work the muscles of the chest and back for strong and toned arms. “Among them: pull-ups, deadlifts, push-ups, various presses,” he says. And only after basic exercises, in his opinion, it is possible to locally improve the hands with flexion and extension.

By the way, it was flexion and extension exercises (biceps and triceps, respectively) recommended by Anna Chepeleva, personal trainer of the DDX Fitness chain of fitness clubs. He also insists that it’s not just the hands that need to be trained.

“When it comes to working with your own weight, push-ups and push-ups will certainly give the desired result, they also involve the muscles of the back and chest. On the shoulders – exercises with dumbbells, shoulder abduction, flexion, overhead pressure. “The weight of the bullet should be chosen to have 10-15 repetitions, and it was already difficult to do the last one,” he said.

However, education alone is not enough, even if it is of very good quality. It is necessary to adhere to the diet by consuming enough protein, complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fats. At 173 cm and 60 kg, Kate Middleton should consume at least 2,200 calories a day if she works out three times a week, according to nutritionist Andrei Korolev, co-founder of the healthy food delivery service

Assuming that the Duchess goes to the gym at least three times a week, she needs to consume no more than 2200 kcal per day to maintain a figure, and reduce the calorie content of the diet to 1700-1800 kcal to smoothly reduce it. weight,” said the nutritionist. At the same time, she noted that the percentage of fat on the body of Kate Middleton does not exceed 18%, “as in trained athletes.” This makes her hands look not only muscular, but also dry, as the trainers say.

Hands gives Kate Middleton a gym fan. To have the same strong, but at the same time moderately proportional forms, fitness trainers do not forget to do flexion and extension exercises (biceps and triceps), as well as pumping your chest and back. About effective exercises – in the material “”.

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