He was one of the heroes of the time. Virtus European Summer GamesA championship that is held every two years and brings together athletes from all over the European continent. six sports disciplines. petrerenian Miguel Angel ValienteFrom the aquarium club, he achieved unprecedented results in an extremely tough championship. The adapted swimmer was the flag bearer of the Spanish team at the opening ceremony and returned from the event, making eight podiums, setting three world records and two records in Spain.

Miguel Ángel was declared the champion of the competition by taking part in these last three tests, where the Spanish team broke the world record, in the men’s 4×200 freestyle relay, 4×100 medley freestyle, men’s 4×50 medley, men’s 4×100 medley and men’s 4×100 freestyle. He won the silver medal in the 200 individual freestyle events, the silver medal in the men’s 4×50 relay event, and the bronze medal in the 100 freestyle events. On the other hand, he finished fourth in 50 free tests and fifth in 400 free tests. He also managed to break the Spanish record of 100 free and 50 free. With all this, Michelangelo He helped the Spanish team to make itself the best team in the championship.

With these results and the results achieved in the last Spanish adapted swimming championship held in Oviedo this month, where he declared four times Spanish champion and once national runner-up, Alicante finished the season unopposed.

Brave what native of PeterHe started taking his first strokes at the Club Excursionista Eldense at the age of three and joined at the age of 21 after playing other sports such as taekwondo (Club Judela de Elda) and triathlon (SBR Para-Triatlón Elda). High performance group of Club Esportiu Aquarium Alacant with Luis García. A year later, Miguel Ángel began combining his training at the Aquarium with that of Francisco García of CE Eldense. Currently working side by side with trainers Alejandro Cantos and Paco.

Miguel Ángel at the age of 24 andHe knows what it’s like to be among the best swimmers with intellectual disabilities in Europe, this is a result of his dedication to the sport and the amazing work he has done with his coaches (Alejandro and Paco) and teams (CE Eldense and CE Aquarium). But for him, the most important thing in sports is not medals, but friendship and friendship not only with his teammates, but also with his opponents. Proof of this is the great team of people he is a part of at Aquarium.

Alicante Champion

Again, His commitment was not only to sports, but also to society.. She has worked in nursing homes and volunteered at the Alzheimer’s Patients Association, has a dependent care module and a nursing assistant module. Miguel Ángel managed to reach this level by combining training in Alicante and Elda, championships and working in different public hospitals in the province of Alicante. In addition, all this with the preparation of oppositions to gain access to one of the guard positions of the Valencia health system.

It should be noted that the Sportiu Aquarium Club was recently declared third in National Paralympic swimming. The Alicante team has won 27 individual medals and established itself as a reference club in nationally adapted sports. Another joy for Alicante club with Miguel Valiente.