No bright pink things and platform shoes: what not to buy at summer sales

Discounts in stores start to appear from mid-July and increase every week. Until mid-August, the long-awaited 70% red price tags hang in the halls. Many people wait until the end of the sale to buy everything at maximum discount, but until then, only one consumer good, as a rule, remains on the trading floors. Top-quality models and “working” bodies are dismantled in July. But, for example, at the beginning of the summer sale at Zara, buyers swept away the best on the first day.

Most Russians approach shopping at sales this way: see the minimum price of a product in the store, try it, note the flaws, but buy anyway, because this is a discount. This approach will not help you improve your style and add valuable things to your wardrobe, on the contrary, it will make it dirty.

What to get on discount

Before going on sale, stylists unanimously recommend taking apart your closet at least a little and understand what is really missing there.

“I would focus on quality and essential things that will last you for a long time and you would definitely wear them. Maybe I would also look at demi-season models that can still be worn in the fall, ”the stylist and former fashion director of Elle girl magazine Ksenia Vasilyeva-Volgelernter told

Stylist Katya Punch also recommends purchasing versatile items like cotton or wool jackets, trousers, and closed shoes. This category also includes straight-cut shirts, t-shirts in basic colors, jeans, sweatshirts.

Personal stylist and image creator Tatyana Gubskaya does not recommend looking for only summer clothes at summer sales: “It is important to monitor the relevance of such “all-season” purchases only. Towards the end of sales, brands often wear products that have lost their relevance from past seasons.

Indeed, during the summer sales, all the remains of the spring and winter collections hang from the warehouse where you can find quality coats and down jackets. Outerwear and winter shoes are the best time to buy in July or August. During this period, these goods are the cheapest.

Why shouldn’t you spend money on trendy stuff?

In addition to the model, you also need to look at the style of the thing. As a rule, there are not so many basic things in sale that everyone needs. They mainly sell products that are trending this season, such as platform shoes, low-waisted pants, extreme minis, pink clothing, sheer fabrics and other echoes of the zero style. There is no guarantee that this season will also be popular, so it is better to postpone the purchase of such things.

Fashion influencers play a big role in buying trendy yet universal things. Ksenia Vasilyeva-Volgelernter advises to focus less on them and not buy clothes “as from someone else”, but choose what really suits you.

Could the quality of the products on sale be bad?

The next important point is quality, because during the sale they put on the shelves everything that is not sold this season and is in storage. “These things have already gone through a life cycle, and low-quality ones can be spotted right away, even on a hanger in a store,” says stylist Katya Punch. — Pills, loose seams, strained shoulders and even holes. Second, the composition of the fabric. It is desirable that natural fibers are present and then cut. Because even a fashionable thing, if it is of poor quality, does not make it more beautiful.

How do I know if a discounted item is really needed?

However, when standing in front of a mirror at something new, the question often arises: do I need it at all? Excessive emotionality and the desire to bargain can often be mind-blowing. In response, Katya Panch shares with a universal life hack: “Use a filter – if you did not buy this item at full price, maybe in this case there is no point in spending money even at a discount. ”

Stylist Ksenia Vasilyeva-Volgelernter offers to evaluate each item in terms of how it fits into your wardrobe. “Come with 6-7 combinations. If the thing did not fit, I would safely return it to the store, ”says she.

Summer sales are always notable for the amount of items, and after hunting for discounts, there are lower-grade clothing in the closet for months hanging with tags than in stores. This problem can be solved if you determine in advance what you need to buy and at the same time bet on the essentials and not the trending ones. Stylists told how to shop at sales.

Source: Gazeta


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