First sentence to recognize death by asbestos of a subway worker in Barcelona

Barcelona’s social court no. 8 handed down the first sentence to recognize the case. death of a subway worker due to exposure asbestos. magistrate, municipal corporation acted negligently and failed to properly assess the dangers of the decedent’s jobThis led to a lack of preventative measures, which led to a very aggressive cancer that caused his death in 2008. Penalty won by law firm Col lectu Roundwould increase the widow’s pension by proving that her husband’s death was due to an occupational disease. And it opens the door to new lawsuits for damages and lack of security that could lead to criminal liability in future cases. TMBas in the Madrid Metro anyway.

“This sentence shows that a large part of the workforce is exposed to asbestos,” said Amada Álvarez, head of the Barcelona metro’s works council. “This is a historic sentence,” said Col lectiu Ronda’s lawyer. Alex Tisminetzky. The decision of the social court No. 8 is the first of six other cases brought by former workers or relatives and administered by Ronda. Four of them are by relatives of the deceased, and two by former employees with severe disabilities. All have been exposed to asbestos.

The victim worked through the years 1989 and until 2008 As a technical assistant for electrical installations, he was dedicated to traversing tunnels to perform maintenance tasks and repair faults. A role where the TMB does not recognize that it is vulnerable to asbestos and therefore does not provide the relevant protections or medical controls to control exposure to it.

Precedents in Madrid

A week before this pioneering sentence was announced in Barcelona, ​​the company’s management Madrid Metro, the most representative unions among affected staff and family members signed an agreement to compensate those affected by asbestos. Likewise, the company has set up a fund. 7.4 million € Paying compensation, while those affected, forgo future criminal, civil and business actions derived from the facts investigated. The deal comes after more than two years of negotiations and in 2018 the Prosecutor’s Office launched criminal proceedings against the administration.

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