Key sequences for the week of August 1

‘ after experiencing all kinds of emotions (from joy to mourning)queer as a people‘ and ‘ wandering again through the cold economic-emotional labyrinthsindustry‘, there will still be serial offers this week. Below is all of our offers.

1. ‘Robot chicken (T10)’: frenzy presented in animation

TNT Now premieres the penultimate season of this delirium classic, a sure bet for Cartoon Network’s adult animation blog and an outstanding talent pool; She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk’s showrunner Jessica Gao wrote here ten years ago. Get ready for a visit to Steve Urkel’s ‘A Quiet Place’ or a version of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ with Barbies and Kens or a Harry Potter who trades magic for weapons. TNT Now, Monday, day 1.

A year ago, HBO Max premiered the documentary ‘Woodstock 99: Peace, Love and Fury’, which chronicles the more or less declared disaster of the legendary 1969 festival revival: Fyre’s prehistory. For those who want to learn more about the unfortunate event, logistical errors and human chaos, now comes a three-part mini-series featuring rarely seen footage and new interviews with Jonathan Davis (Korn), Fatboy Slim, Jewel or Gavin Rossdale. (Bush) . Netflix, Wednesday, day 3.

3. ‘Wu-Tang: An American epic (T2)’: a moment of truth

After the first episode’s belated premiere (a three-year wait) last May, the second season of the legendary hip hop ‘team’ biography is now here (without any major delays). Better thought out than the first, it says nothing less than the classic concept of ‘Enter the Wu-Tang (36 rooms)’ (1993), widely considered one of the best debut albums in rap history. The series has been renewed for the third and final season, which we will see in 2025. Disney+, Wednesday, day 3.

4. ‘Kakegurui Twin’: Mary Saotome’s early adventures

Summer and holidays can be used to enter universes to explore. For example, in the anime, very wide from afar, very addictive the moment you first set foot. This week, Netflix premieres ‘Kakegurui Twin’, a prequel to the successful ‘Kakegurui’ about Yumeko Jabami’s future nemesis, Mary Saotome, and her first steps in the rough betting system that defines Hyakkaou academy. He produces Studio MAPPA (‘Yuri!!! on Ice’, ‘Attack on Titan’). Netflix, Thursday, day 4.

5. ‘Sandman’: Gaiman’s climax hits the screen

It looks incredible, but it’s a screen adaptation of the legendary gothic comic ‘Sandman’. Neil GamanIt’s a fact, and it has a release date: it’s on Netflix this Friday. Tom Sturridge (recently seen as Mira’s ex in ‘Irma Vep’) brings to life Morpheus, the anthropomorphic version of The Dream, in this ambitious adventure through time, myth and literature. Gaiman co-developed the series with David S. Goyer (‘The Foundation’) and Allan Heinberg (Co-creator of Young Avengers). Netflix, Friday, day 5.

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