‘Deluxe’, ‘I see how you sing’ and ‘Investigative team’ on Friday’s ‘prime time’

antenna 3 ‘ season two premieres tonightI see how you sing‘ (10:00 p.m.). Hosted by Manel Fuentes, the program will once again feature Ruth Lorenzo, El Monaguillo and Josie as mentors to help the contestants identify good vocalists and unmask imposters. Each show will also feature a new musical figure who will immerse himself in different rounds to help the contestant succeed in the final stage. This week’s special guest will be Chenoa.

Gema Aldón visits the setdeluxe‘ inside telecinco (10:00 pm) to talk about all the controversies surrounding the marriage of Ana María Aldón and José Ortega Cano. “I’m tired of people speaking my mouth, I’m here to let the truth be known and silence many mouths. My mother knows that when I take the step of speaking to someone, boundaries are crossed. It’s been a lie for 10 years. My psychology is better than my mother’s now. I’m tired. There are other details that are not known, my mother is more than all of these. more valuable,” he said. For the Telecinco program.

research team‘ will bet sixth this Friday night (10:30). Presented by Gloria Serra, the team of the program will provide an in-depth analysis of a current issue in our society.

Dani Rovira, Quad Superlopez

four tonight’s show (10:15) is a new ‘ screeningsuperlopecia‘. Juan López’s life has not been easy since his arrival on Earth from the planet Chitón. It’s hard not to stand out with superpowers. It wasn’t easy for him to be able to fly, read minds, oversee, or prevent a subway convoy from derailment… and then get back to the office trying to be a normal man. Or maybe yes, because Juan doesn’t need more than a morning croissant to be happy… However, something is about to change. A former high school sweetheart, López de Luisa’s appearance in her regular life is going to stir up trouble. Now is not the time to go unnoticed. Despite the fact that this could draw the attention of the evil Skorba and his sibyl daughter Agatha and jeopardize the survival of their home planet.

Clint Eastwood faces the White House at La 1

one A new screening that TVE aired tonight’Absolute power‘ (10:15 pm). Luther Whitney, an expert on grand thefts, plans to rob a businessman’s estate while on vacation in the Caribbean. However, when he walks in, he is an unannounced witness to an assassination involving the President of the United States, the chief of staff, and two Secret Service agents. But who can a criminal turn to the White House to charge someone connected to the murder?

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