An Australian figured out how to clean dirty stains on walls without damaging the paint.

An Australian professional cleaner came up with a lifehack that will quickly remove dirt from walls. This has been reported Sun.

TikTok blogger @thebigcleanco shared a video that effectively removes stains from walls in seconds. He stated that his method did not affect the quality of the mural and did not damage the coating.

The cleaning specialist suggested cleaning in several stages. Cobwebs, dust and other small dirt should be cleaned first. Then you should buy detergent, windshield washer and mop for washing the walls. The mixture of products should be sprayed onto the surface and gently wiped with a mop and cloth.

The blogger advised not to put pressure on the mat, so as not to damage the surface of the walls and not leave liquid on them for a long time. As the author of the Life hack warns, a mix of cleaning products can cause greasy stains that will be difficult to remove later on.

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Source: Gazeta


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