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‘Ana y los 7’ family grows: one of her heroes announces she’s pregnant


one of the actresses Original cast of ‘Ana y los 7’ He posted great news on a personal level. Claudia Molina announced she is pregnant on her official Instagram profile this week. from her first child with a photo at sea: “I have a bun in the oven!”.

“I can’t believe a baby has been created inside of me, his little hands, his nose… It’s inexplicable. I am occupied by happiness, love, responsibility, and at times anxiety/fear. also confirms the actress of ‘Service and Protection’ and the winner of the first edition of ‘Look who’s dancing!’. in this text.

“Last year I had a miscarriage, I had no heartbeat at week 8. It was one of the most difficult moments of my life/life. So the first three months of this pregnancy I was very scared, very afraid of losing it again. But that’s the case. Even though it’s a high risk pregnancy due to several factors, everything works fine, it relieves the nausea, dizziness, vomiting and tremendous discomfort but luckily they pass“Claudia Molina continues to write in this article.

Claudia Molina’s announcement came later. Roberto Álvarez Noelia Ortega, Nerea García and Ruth Rodríguez reunited with their imaginary father and sisters in the five seasons of ‘Ana y los 7’, TVE series based on the original idea by Ana Obregón. It even looks like Molina is touching her stomach in the photo posted on social networks.

“Happy reunions. My girls. Beautiful, smart and happy. Time has not passed. We keep laughing and loving each other,” Álvarez posted on his official Instagram profile. “Happy reunion with family. As time passes, the illusion, the laughter, the compassion, the complicity are still the same as they were 20 years ago,” Ruth Rodriguez writes.

To be more precise, in the TVE series Roberto Álvarez played Fernando Hidalgo, a widowed banker and father of 7 children. Claudia Molina, Noelia Ortega, Nerea García, and Ruth Rodríguez played Carolina, Amalia, Celia, and Lucía Hidalgo, big to young. The daughters of the family where Ana Obregón works as a nanny.

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