The scariest encounter of a diner from ‘First Dates’: ‘You can put me in a funeral home’

Many guests of ‘First Dates’ have no problem bringing out various aspects of their lives on their dates. Here’s how Facundo, a 35-year-old ‘perfomatic’ actress and model from Barcelona, ​​came to the restaurant and described herself as a mix:I’m a little wild but also sophisticated“.

“I’m different because I don’t have the same musical or aesthetic tastes as the majority,” Facundo said in one of her first totals before the Cuatro dating cams.

Just moments later, Facundo learned that he was going to meet 25-year-old Granada chef Alejandro, who walked through the door with very clear goals: “I came with a few balls to encourage him, have fun and get to know someone who gave me something”.

After seeing Facundo for the first time, Alejandro said, “The truth is it was a bit of a shock because my prototype is not a kid. I like someone who doesn’t dress that way or have dark eyebrows.” had a very different view of him: “My first impression was very good. I liked him. He is a very good boy.”

After sitting at the table the restaurant had reserved for them, the truth is that they both took advantage of the evening to get to know a little more. In fact, Facundo admitted to Alejandro that it was never a blind date, but in unusual places: “The last one was in a cemetery. i love gothic art“.

Alone in front of the cameras, Alejandro said, “I was crazy. The truth was I was crazy because I didn’t expect it. That would be the last place I’d ever go on a date.” point to Facundo during dinner: “We should talk, you and I and you can put me in a funeral home.”

After passing by the booth for dessert, their different personalities were decisive in the ‘Final decision’. Alejandro wanted to go on a second date with Facundo but instead the actor just wanted him as a friend.: “I don’t think we have anything in common, but I found him very nice and attractive.”

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