Furious, Kiko Matamoros issues a harsh threat to the survivors: “You’re worse than I thought. You’re stupid.”

Survivors continue to be the focus of controversy. A few days ago, one of the former contestants, Laura Matamoros, released a statement declaring that she had completely broken away from the format. On the other hand, this is not the only attitude in this edition. There are already several former survivors who have made some criticisms of the organization, whether more directly or more subtly, accusing them of manipulations, irregularities and even more than reprehensible treatment of security matters. health. In fact, the situation escalated so much that the production company itself had to react to avoid damaging the upcoming premiere of the All Stars series. reality.

So, with three questions, they wanted to defend themselves against the latest attack, the attacks of Laura Matamoros. “What if what the organization was actually doing to Laura was to protect her? What if Laura Matamoros comes to Survivors, influenced by her personal situation? What if the organization had protected him by eliminating the conversations he made about his family, which were seen in the videos he said were cut, wouldn’t it have benefited him as much? Even if we are Shh Javier de Hoyos Questions asked by survivors: As expected, Laura’s father responded harshly and emphatically. Kiko Matamoros.

“I’ll count to ten,” the collaborator began, visibly angry, but eventually exploded like never before against the entire leadership of the program. “You are despicable. You can explain to him that what you did when my daughter was there was to protect her. You are not selling it to me, to anyone, or to other contestants who are experiencing circumstances very similar to my daughter’s.. You are manipulators and you have not an ounce of shame. You didn’t protect anyone, you used people, their weakness, their possible illness, their inadequacy at a particular moment,” said Marta López Álamo’s husband.

Saved tests

“You have a fucking responsibility, and if someone isn’t in the mental state to go there, you shouldn’t take them.”He continued to criticize, questioning the quality of the medical tests performed before traveling to Honduras. “You have to go through medical filters for that because the ethics of that damn chain require it. It’s disgusting to me that you come to play so dirty, you’re worse than I thought. you are stupid” he stated and threatened to bring to light very dangerous information that would refute the organization’s story.

“I’m talking to the first level managers of the production company. When I complained about what you were doing with my daughter, you told me you didn’t know what was going on here in Honduras. You used my daughter as a puppet, dictating to her what to say, and then beat her to death. We have edited the videos for your convenience. “I have been in this business for many years and know the industry very well,” continued the television presenter. “You are stupid and you can take me to court if you want and I will take everything I have from you.. My daughter was very careful in explaining what she said. “There are things I haven’t told him out of shame,” said Kiko, growing angrier.

“You can’t even withstand one attack from me. “You protected those who took care of you, those you represented,” Matamoros reproached. “You need to have some shame and dignity. Do you want me to remove the cardboard so the trap can be seen? Let people know that I spoke to you and my daughter while I was there and you promised me that what you were doing would stop. And I recorded it. I recorded you with a trap and I’m about to release the first episode. I’m serious up to this point, garbage up to this point”Laura’s father threatened.

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