‘Thor: Love and Thunder’: adventures, humor and (lots of) rock and roll with the god of thunder

Thor has become the character for now. longest running independent franchise (four installments) In the Marvel universe.

Absolutely no one would bet on him when he appeared in the multicolored Shakespeare movie. Kenneth Brannagh in 2011, but the truth is, especially These last two episodes directed by Taika WaititiThe character managed to reinvent himself and reach a new dimension through a mix. explosive humor, visual imagination, fantasy and cosmic adventures.

Yeah ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ the filmmaker chose psychedelia and plasticine, this time ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ aesthetic (even in the look of Chris Hemsworth with his long hair and leather vest) ushers us into the rock of the eighties and nineties, songs Guns n’ Roses (including ‘Sweet Child of Mine’, ‘Wellcome to the Jungle’ and the orchestral ‘November Rain’) as a musical main motif.

Of course, we find the same thing in both movies. fun spirit, same need to hybridize speciesbringing different ideas together and giving them meaning so that everything fits together, giant flying goats (involuntary heroes of the function) Matt Damon as Loki in a children’s theatre.

existential crisis

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ will be determined after the events that occur. ‘Avengers: Endgame’. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is plunged into an existential crisis. He lost his home, family and friends, the hammer Mjolnir, and his battle with Thanos. He will join the Guardians of the Galaxy, but without the momentum of the past. He is depressed and moody and only shows up when absolutely necessary. Of course, it becomes a real show in action when he stops meditating and grabs the Stormbreaker ax to aid them in a mission. He also remembers a lot about his relationship with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and misses him. But the days of retirement and melancholy will soon be over, especially from the moment it appears. Gorr, a new villain His mission is to avenge his daughter by killing all the gods, hence her nickname. ‘Butcher of the Gods’. For Waititi, this character played by Christian BaleHe is one of the most powerful enemies in Marvel because you can empathize with his anger, loss and sadness.

Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’.

Thor will encounter a surprise along the way, as well as having to deal with the fearsome Gorr and his army from the depths of the shadows. unexpected appearance of ex-girlfriend Jane, now wielding her beloved hammer and becoming a copy of herself as a warrior woman. So Jane will transform from a scientist to a superhero, but her motivation is deep and tragic.

Of course, we’ll also find one of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ greatest finds, Valkyrie played by Tessa Thompsonalready responsible for lowering the hero’s testosterone doses, and now with Jane he will lead the mission not only on the battlefield, but also as Asgar’s highest representative as King Valkyrie. Thor’s last (and greatest) ally rock-humanoid warrior Korgit symbolizes kindness and maximum fidelity in a world filled with lights and shadows, where the director will again give sound (and movement).

new additions

There are new additions that will definitely give a lot to talk about in the coming chapters, for example ZeusThe Lightning God, brought to life by Russell Crowe, with whom Thor and his friends will occasionally clash when they visit the Almighty City’s Great Pantheon. The filmmakers confirm that his intervention is one of the highlights of this new movie. Why? Why? Because his role is the antithesis of the heroic characters (‘Gladiator’), which he associates himself with comic and parody speeches.

Like any good story about creating legends Thor: Love and Thunder‘, featuring a narrator (Korg), will tell the audience some episodes from Thor’s life, giving it an epic fairy tale dimension so that the little ones can understand the story of mythological heroes. This reference is not accidental, the children have a significant weight in the plot in both the prologue and the epilogue, and will also abduct all the children of Asgard by Corr, taking them to a planet. The colors in which everything will be seen in black and white except the electric rays produced by the characters help the director create pieces that have great visual power.

comprehensive adventure

The Marvel Cinematic Universe also tried improve technically on this filmBeing the first to use the pioneering visual effects tool (in cinema) created by Industrial Light & Magic (Sound) previously tested in the series ‘The Mandalorian’ instead of placing the actors in front of a green or blue screen, it is responsible for wrapping the players in 360º digital environment and minimizing the effects of post production. For players, it was a fundamental advance when it comes to interpretation, as they paired the real world with the virtual world, allowing the feeling of immersion to be much greater.

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ An immersive adventure filled with layers and tones, full of humor and tragedy. All the elements are inexplicably well connected thanks to the skill of the director when it comes to this orchestration. enthusiastic, energetic, creative show and after all, also sensitive and moving, romantic, reflective of pain and loss.

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