Santiago Segura wants to imitate Georgie Dann: “I’m trying to make the best movie of the summer”

safe in Santiago presented the third part of ‘Padre no hay más que uno’ this Wednesday in Madrid, After the good results of the previous two films, which were also released in the summer and were in the style of Georgie Dann with their summer hits, he aims to make the best film of the summer.

“I think it’s nice to be compared to a great professional like him. Just as it managed to become the song of the summer, I’m trying to make the best movie of the summerIn an interview with Europa Press, the filmmaker and fellow filmmaker reassured him.

The actor also admitted that Shooting the movie “Daddy don’t have more than 3” was the “hardest” of his career, because the artist cadre had to face the notable increase in covid-19 infections due to the omicron variant. “There was no one left who did not catch Covid. We tried to take all the safety precautions and realized that we are still infected and this is because this variant is very contagious. “I’ve been living without the vaccine for two years and suddenly all the care here was minimal,” he said.

Actress loles lion, The actress, who repeated the role of the grandmother in this third film, pointed out that the shooting of the film was also over. “It was very difficult” because his friend’s health was added to the high infections of the coronavirus. After staying in intensive care for 36 days, Antonio Resines was chosen to play the role of grandfather, eventually falling to Carlos Iglesias.

Wept for Leon Resines

His health overshadowed the footage because we took the diary portion of him while we were recording. And one day I started crying because we found out he wasn’t getting better and I was having a really bad time.

The veteran actor admitted she feels great in the role of grandmother of six grandchildrenand on this occasion, during Christmas, they break a Nativity scene figure from their father Javier’s (Santiago Segura) collection, causing them to get an equal one in every way.

The film begins with a sequence in which Santiago Segura and Toni Acosta appear dancing, the recordings need to be pushed forward four weeks due to contamination, and Segura eventually causes her own infection.

“That scene was one of my golden dreams since I was a kid”retained the director, who told his partner Toni Acosta the idea at a celebration of the second part of the film.

“We rehearsed a lot, we had a choreographer, and the truth is, that scene was great and lived through the moments we lived in. So I have to admit it was worth the mess with Santiago Segura,” adds the actress who played the role. Marisa, mom.

“The best thing is public acceptance”

On the other hand, Santiago Segura stated that he felt “very happy” and “abundant” to receive public recognition, although it did not turn into an award. “Imagine if they gave me the awards but the public didn’t see the movie.. Or the public not going and not giving me a reward. Even though there is a possibility that the public will go to the movies and give me the awards, that would be abuse,” he ironically said.

For this reason, he emphasized “The best thing about cinema is that it is accepted by the public”, At the same time, she realized that her purpose in the movie was to make people laugh and that she didn’t want to offend anyone, even though she knew it was a bit complicated.

He thought, “The limit of humor is in people’s laughter. If most people laugh while telling a joke, that’s true. When it’s the other way around, the joke is wrong.”

Make LGTBI collective visible

During Madrid Pride Week 2022 (MADO), Loles León became a reference in the movement with a scene in his short film ‘El Mundo Entero’, in which he cries out against homophobia and each defends in favor of sexual freedom. . This earned him such a win that, as he pointed out, that scene has surpassed 19 million after it’s spread in pride month in recent years.

“It’s important to keep making it visible so that people see it as something normal. And those who still don’t fit into these issues see that it’s becoming a little more normal by everyone. It’s very important that this scene spreads and becomes widespread every year. I repeat the same rhetoric in my work ‘Una noche con ella'” she insisted.

On your own behalf Toni Acosta stressed that “one step should not be taken back” Making it “real in environments where this normality is not yet accepted”.

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