No Mad Cool without a storm: music beats thunder in Madrid

Threatening with rain almost to the last moment, The fifth edition of the Mad Cool music festival kicks off this Wednesday Faced with an organizational challenge after a two-year hiatus due to the health crisis, it will close its doors until July 10. will house more than 60,000 people in its enclosure.

Artists Seasick Steve and Alec Benjamin fired the gun Move to this event with meticulous punctuality, at 17:50, in a day at full capacity, hosting thirty groups across its seven stages.

There’s no Mad Cool without the storm summer”, repeated several users on the Twitter platform, less than two hours before the start of the festival, when a torrential rain from the skies of Madrid with an electric device did not stop the arrival of the first participants, around four in the afternoon, they had already entered the building. “We entered the premises normally. Alejandra Del Hoyo and Paula Rivero are “the place they choose to go to over time,” which was next to Ifema last year, Alejandra Del Hoyo and Paula Rivero told Efe. , maybe” case.

Around eight in the evening is when the largest volume of participants is ready. Enjoy Metallica’s hard rock at full capacity on the first day: 60,000 people compared to the 80,000 people gathered in the 2018 edition, where the collapse in access and services became the news, a year after the change from the last pre-pandemic.

Two years later, the movement surrounded by the majority of the people who gave up masks passed normally. app crash to charge bracelets In the shopping center, where food and beverage shopping is done at the bars, queues have formed at some points to order. “The system is down and the recharge queues are long, but it’s true that orders at the bar are much faster than in other years,” said Paula Carrasco and Diego de Blas, who bought their tickets in 2019.

First day of Mad Cool. Richard Rubio

The festival also brought some innovations. a pool or a Violet and Rainbow spot As a center for support, information and advice on all forms of violence, as well as hydration areas, the symbolic Ferris Wheel and more than 50 food trucks adapted to tastes and food intolerances.

Metallica’s hard rock Alternative to Placebo, pop by Twenty One Pilots, rap by SFDK, experimental music by Yungblud, Wolf Alice or Yves Tumor Here are some of the artists who opened the first day of the eclectic music festival, which will be attended by a total of 150 artists from different genres until the next 10 July.

One of the participants, Alba Escribano, told Efe that together with Metallica, some of the most anticipated bands today, “I came for Yungblud and Twenty One Pilots. I usually come every year and buy a full season ticket.” , the most anticipated date of the day, and hundreds of fans in black jerseys are eagerly awaiting.

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