Kiko Matamoros charges ‘Survivors’ after daughter Laura’s deportation

The surprise ejection of Laura Matamoros on ‘Survivors’ has provided a lot to talk about among viewers and some of their families. Kiko Matamoros He criticized the program a lot After Sandra Barneda informed her that she had to leave Cayos Cochinos after the hearing decision.

“They will have their own reasons to talk (about Makoke). The producer was the one interested in bringing the competition there, and he was constantly hinting from the set to include him. I also thank those who profited from the sets,” said the former collaborator of ‘Sálvame’, through various responses to his followers on his Twitter profile (now known as X).

Matamoros also criticized Tuco, who was the defender of Laura Matamoros on the set of ‘Survivors’ in recent weeks: “My daughter could have chosen a worse defender, I can only think of Suso“.

She is worried about selling herself and her hair salon.“In his profile on the above-mentioned social network, Matamoros blamed Laura for the situation, stating: “This is Laura’s fault.”

It’s worth remembering from the recent ‘The Honduras Connection’ premiere that: Laura Matamoros After living together for more than a month in Playa Limbo, she ended her second adventure on the Telecinco reality show in 2017. Kiko Jiménez and exiled contestants.

Inside ‘Honduras Connection’The residents of the beach in question played a game of resistance to avoid deportation. He became the winner of the test Blanca Manchónso Kiko Jiménez, Arantxa del Sol and Laura Matamoros was left in the hands of the people.

The contestant who received the most support was Kiko, so his two friends were left hanging. Finally, in the last minutes of the premiere, Sandra Barneda announced the result of the public vote: Laura Matamoros was the last person to be expelled.

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