Monegal’s review: Parody me, dammit, before I even get to Moncloa!

Journalist Ana Terradillos (‘Critical View, T-5) told him, “You’ve become quite famous! The guys from ‘Polònia’ even parodied you!” said. And the president of the Madrid Community exclaimed: “At least they don’t call me a slut here. Everyone around me was happy with this video!”. And President Ayuso showed great expression of satisfaction. Man, I don’t know if she’s happy or if it’s all simulation, but the person clapping with her ears is definitely Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, her personal ‘sherpa’, ‘transformation doctor’, manager and driver to the top. MAR friends.

This parody, which they changed from “Zorra” to “Facha” in the program ‘Polònia’ (TV3), spread with great success in Madrid.. Ah! Television today has become a magnificent drum of resonance: the mockery or mockery of any creature spontaneously entering into a loose, uncontrollable dynamic is turned into a massive dose of promotion, rather than sustaining the mocking or sarcasm effect. popularity. Therefore, President Ayuso said in the interview: “My entire team is very happy with this video.” Actually. Do not doubt this certainty. The term ‘facha’ thrown against him, for example, has become such a widely used dagger in recent years, in politics, at each other and vice versa – but also on TV talk shows. Its definition and essence have been completely trivialized and its content has been emptied. Therefore, when asked about the attack on Feijóo, Ayuso says: “Take it, take it away, I’m in the ‘fachosphere’.” So being ‘fashionable’ ends up being ‘cool’ because it’s a noun that’s been neutralized by the abuse done to it.

Now that I think about it, I can’t tell you if the guys from ‘El intermedia’ are a little jealous of the success of ‘la Ayuso de Polònia’.. In this La Sexta program, they make colorful parodies of Ayuso every night with great skill and dedication, but none of them are as effective as this one. I maintain the following hypothesis – and I can demonstrate it with examples – The more you mock a politician on television, the more popular he becomes.. When looked at carefully, Ayuso is now a ‘celebrity’ for his successful appearance as well as being the president. Maybe he thinks that by jumping from TV parody to TV parody, the distance to Moncloa is shortened. You may even be right.

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