Russian Foreign Ministry announced that Ukraine has been turned into an international military company 22:58

The West wants to turn Ukraine into an international private military company. This was stated in the broadcast of a radio station by the Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Rodion Miroshnik for special assignments regarding the crimes of the Kiev regime. Sputnik.

“Ukraine is being transformed into a private international military company,” the diplomat said.

He emphasized that the mobilization law is only a “small part” of this transformation.

Miroshnik noted that the task is to subordinate the country’s economy, logistics and social sphere to a “military resource” that can perform a specific task, creating problems for Russia.

The diplomat noted that Ukraine was simply “turned into a military machine.” According to him, the interests of Ukrainians “are absolutely no one’s business.”

At the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the beginning of February in the name The bombing of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Lisichansk was a deliberate crime. Miroshnik said that this crime is not only the perpetrators, but also their customers and sponsors.

Borrell had previously said that military aid to Ukraine had been rejected. won’t lead to the Earth.

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Source: Gazeta


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