Prince Harry’s patient III. It became clear why she only spent 30 minutes with Charles 14:27

Prince Harry is married to his ailing father, King Henry III. He only met with Charles for 30 minutes. The publication reports that Sun.

Last week, on February 6, the Duke of Sussex passed away after being diagnosed with cancer. He flew to London to see Charles. Prince Harry was seen coming to his father’s house accompanied by police around 15:00. Later, journalists met with the Duke and King George III. He reported that the meeting between Charles lasted less than an hour.

However, Prince Harry only spent 30 minutes with his father, according to The Sun. British journalist Robert Jobson believes that the reason was the health of Charles III. According to Jobson, doctors most likely advised the King of Great Britain not to overload his body.

“The King is not feeling well and is receiving treatment regardless of the type of cancer. The best thing for him is peace of mind,” Jobson said.

On February 5, the press service of Buckingham Palace reported that King George III of Great Britain It was reported that Charles had been diagnosed with cancer. It was noted that the monarch will temporarily postpone his public duties due to illness. However, the king will continue to review official documents and conduct government affairs.

Previously Meghan Markle filmed With a smile on his face after the news of Charles III’s diagnosis.

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