Princess Charlene of Monaco won’t let her husband touch her

Princess Charlene of Monaco with her husband, Prince Charles II. She keeps her distance from Albert and does not let him take her away. This has been reported Media Champions.

A body language expert analyzed the couple’s behavior during their joint entry into Formula 1 races. According to her, the Princess of Monaco used the bag as a barrier between herself and her husband to make it harder for her husband to touch her. Albert II did not try to touch his wife, with whom he had a strained relationship.

“Her eyes were lowered and sad, and her smile did not betray sincere happiness,” the expert said of Princess Charlene’s condition. Still, she was extremely friendly with the riders participating in the competition.

Rumors of discord in the Monaco royal family have been circulating for several years. The situation escalated after the princess was forced to be treated in South Africa for nearly a year and then in a European clinic.

Formerly reportedHe said that Norwegian princess Martha Louise and her shaman fiancee Durek attended a party in Oslo.

Source: Gazeta


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