As with most major stores, discounts are the order of the day. And not only that, they also have a portion. exit Where you can find discounted (or off-season) products at a very good price.


  • Lidl’s slow cooker where your food will never burn

  • The 2-in-1 steam mop everyone is looking for from Lidl

Lidl would not be less and there is also the outlet section where bargains are the order of the day and in a wide variety of sections. We have selected 10 products that you can find here Less than 20 Euros.

A department in fashion and beauty air shaper Dual-function 1000 watts of power: combs and dries hair. You can choose the temperature on two levels and an additional level emitting cool air. its price 17.99 €.

If we continue with electrical appliances, there are also interesting products. for example your weight With deactivated voice function that tells you the weight. It has a very large fixed base and a bright LCD display. has a price 12.99 €.

There is a similar price handheld vacuum cleaner Ideal for cleaning upholstery and car interiors. It has a wide radius of action thanks to its approximately 3 meter cable and its operation connected to the car cigarette lighter. Cost 11,99 €.

One to clean electric cleaning brush for thorough cleaning of bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, microwaves and pots and pans. It runs on batteries, has an autonomy of around 80 minutes and has three interchangeable heads so you can choose the best one for any surface. It is 25% off and is the final price. 14.99 €.

Culinary lovers are also lucky to have them. Giles & Posner sandwich maker to cook samosas for 14.99 euros. This appliance has a non-stick plate and is red in colour.

Exit Lidl | Some of the available items LIDL

If yogurt is your preference, you can prepare your own yogurt at home. yogurt maker Contains 7 glass jars of 150 ml with anti-drip lids. Also these boats are ideal for transporting them and being able to travel with them. (14.99€)

this central home automation Zigbee Smart Home 40% off. With it, you can centrally connect lamps, sensors, plugs and other Smart Home devices and control them from your mobile phone. Cost 14.99 €.

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Lidl’s anti-mosquito herb that will keep your house bug-free

Life and Style

Lidl has a sofa perfect for going to the beach for less than 20 Euros.


The Lidl summer pajamas you need are worth less than 7 Euros

Life and Style

Lidl swept diving mask for under 20 euros for the whole family

On the other hand, if you want to protect your home from the rays of a sultry sun like these days, you have one at hand. thermal pleated curtain 49.4 x 75 x 118 centimeters, which is energy efficient. Cost 19.99 €.

Two other very useful articles, one Shopping cart Clip-on carrying handle, contoured soft grip and zippered flap (€9.99) and one mat fitness with carrying strap 180×60 cm (11,99€)