Johnny Depp is accused of hitting an opponent. The verdict will take place in July

On July 25, a new trial involving Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) will begin. This time, the actor is accused of hitting a colleague in the 2018 film City of Lies.

The lawsuit was filed by Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, who worked as a location manager. According to Brooks, Johnny Depp hit him twice in the ribs, then began to scream and demand retaliation, promising to pay $100 thousand. At that time, the actor would be drunk.

It is also alleged that Brooks was fired from the project after saying he could sue.

Gregg Brooks and Johnny DeppGregg Brooks and Johnny Depp

ET Canada reports that Depp’s lawyers will stick with another version. According to one of the witnesses, the actor only stood up for a homeless African American woman who insulted Brooks during filming. The witness also stated that Depp did not hit the manager and is willing to confirm this with photos from the site.👀 Did you order rubber Ciri? And it is already made in the Game Lady Doll, 40 kilograms of silicone is stuck in a 168 cm sex doll

Source: VG Times


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