Nyusha came to an award ceremony in Russia for the first time in a long time 20:15

Singer Nyusha was a guest at the Yandex Music service awards ceremony. socialbites.ca was informed about this by the press service of the service.

“Yandex Music” gathered artists, partners and friends for the first time at the Gorky Moscow Art Theater on Tuesday, December 5, to announce the winners of the service’s 2023 main music categories, as well as share the latest news about the changes.

One of the rare guests of the event was Nyusha. The singer took part in the awards in Russia for the first time in a long time. She lives in Dubai most of the time with her husband and children. She chose a slit top and suit trousers for the event. She tied her hair in a high bun and did evening make-up with red lipstick.

The artist has a daughter named Simba from businessman Igor Sivov, whom she married in the summer of 2017. The singer stated that they actually named the girl after the main character of their favorite cartoon, ‘The Lion King’. The couple also has a one-year-old son named Saffron. Nyusha said that she decided to name the child after seeing a “hint” on a billboard a week before giving birth, and that her husband supported this decision. According to the artist, his family always pays attention to signs from above.

Previously Nyusha tried on Leather bra in the new video.

Source: Gazeta


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