Israeli advance into southern Gaza pushes population towards Egyptian border

for a few weeks Israel He tried to convince the world that Hamas headquarters was hidden beneath Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City; this public relations campaign served to keep his Western allies quiet while his army attacked several people by force. health centers after surrounding them with artillery and snipers and depriving doctors, patients and displaced people of electricity, food and water. They found nothing relevant except a handful in Al Shifa. old weapons conveniently repositioned for photographers and disused tunnel just over a hundred metres. Now the narrative has changed. The Holy Grail would move south Jan YunusWhere the Israeli military says Hamas leaders are hiding. This much Yahya Sinwar like Muhammad Deif They were born in the same southern city.

Their tanks moving forward Second city of the Strip -where conflicts are already taking place on the streets– are accompanied by new events “Evacuation orders” For the people who were encouraged to move south of Khan Younis by billboards and bombs. The area adjacent to that area corn border According to the newspaper ‘Haaretz’, it covers an area of ​​just over 110 square kilometers. This is where Israel wants to concentrate about two million people, which would be the equivalent of more than 100 people. 18,000 people per square kilometer. To make things even more complicated, the military divided the region Map of the Strip on parcel 630 and every day the so-called safe ones change and those that have to be evacuated to make room for their troops.

“Safe spaces are areas where access to food, water, medicine and shelter can be guaranteed,” a Unicef ​​spokesperson said. James Elder. “I saw with my own eyes, there is none of this in those regions. These are small arid plots of land, urban corners, sidewalks or half-built buildings. And there is no water.” The only city south of Khan Younis WelfareHalf of it is in Egypt, half of it is in Gaza. Its population has tripled due to the influx of displaced people.

“Doomsday” situation

Almost half a million people took refuge there before the ceasefire ended; This was almost twice the normal population. Gaza sources assure that there are people there sleeping in cars or lying on the street. There is no access to drinking water and food distribution centers, which have not been operating since the ceasefire ended last Friday, according to Al Jazeera. Also, there would be garbage everywhere. Hunger and infectious diseases are spreading like wildfire, according to UN agencies. “My humanitarian colleagues describe the situation this way: apocalyptic“, aforementioned Volker Turk, High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The risk now is that Israel will turn the Southern Strip into a uninhabitable zone, as it does in the north genocidal attack. CNN reported this Wednesday that its leaders’ initial intentions were later dropped, supposedly due to pressure from the United States. “Completely destroy the Gaza Strip.” Not much is missing, given that 60 percent of its buildings were destroyed or damaged, a fate similar to attacks on its universities, colleges, institutions or crop fields. This scenario could help Israel ‘convince’ its allies that there is no way out other than transferring the entire population of the region to other countries. ethnic cleansing plans A report that Netanyahu’s managers considered and was presented specifically by the Ministry of Intelligence.

Netanyahu wants Gaza to be demilitarized

Israel’s prime minister said on Tuesday that his troops are now besieging Khan Younis and Jabalia in the north. “There’s nowhere we can’t reach. We’ve taken control General Security Headquarters Hamas. Our heroic soldiers are fighting the murderers with great strength. There are hand-to-hand battles.” The army now claims that Khan Younis will hide not only Hamas leaders but also four of its main battalions that remained in the south during this devastating two-month war.

Netanyahu did not present a plan for the day after the war in Gaza. There are people who say he improvised. But he drew a little Red Line. He said Tuesday that Gaza should be. completely demilitarized and he said that the person who would be responsible for implementing it would be his army. “No international force can take responsibility for this,” he said in a speech, seemingly ruling out the possibility that a multinational UN force operating in southern Lebanon since 2006 could eventually take responsibility for the region. Or what’s left of it, which won’t be much.

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