Ivan Urgant’s co-host bought Princess Diana’s watch 12/01/2023, 21:54

Ivan Urgant’s co-host Konstantin Anisimov showed a new photo featuring an expensive watch. socialbites.ca was informed about this by the artist’s press service.

Konstantin Anisimov had a Tank watch from the Cartier jewelry brand on his wrist. These were worn by the world’s most famous stars and leaders, including Princess Diana, Andy Warhol, Alain Delon and many others. The presenter said that he decided to give the watch to himself as a birthday present. This purchase cost him 1.5 million rubles.

“Long before my trip to France, I approached a buyer who bought jewelry and brought it to Russia. I’ve always loved expensive but stylish looking watches. The jeweled Rolex that Russian stars love to wear is not for me. And this special Cartier watch model was the ideal solution for me. Besides, it will be my birthday soon and I decided to reward myself with this purchase,” said Anisimov.

Konstantin Anisimov has been a member of the author’s group “Evening Urgant” since 2011 and leads the columns “Chinese City” and “Voice of the Streets”. And in 2020, he launched his own project on the YouTube channel “LAMBORDJEANS” and the music show “Studio 69”, where musicians change their songs and perform someone else’s hit in their own arrangements.

Previously daughter of Ivan Urgant starry He is topless and wears a hat with headphones.

Source: Gazeta


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