The stylist told us what to wear at a New Year’s corporate party 14:40

Stylist and image maker Maria Kulikova told how best to dress for the New Year’s corporate party.

“The basic rule of a festive look is that it attracts attention without being excessive or vulgar. “For this reason, you should stay away from colors that do not suit you, cheap and flimsy fabric textures, cuts that do not suit your body, and abundance of heavy accessories,” he said.

According to Maria Kulikova, the best option for a festive event with colleagues is a tuxedo.

“Wearing a black and white formal tuxedo will look elegant and impressive. A bright accent in the form of a brooch or red lips will help to harmoniously complete the set. This way, you will look like a self-confident, independent woman who knows her value and who reveals her femininity beautifully even in a men’s suit. The stylist stated that the tuxedo would look great especially on those who like to wear flowing dresses and blouses.

In addition to tuxedos, the expert also suggested paying attention to transparent blouses that can be worn over matching tops.

“A flowing, transparent blouse with the same color as the top will add lightness and elegance to your outfit. It will also help to properly conceal your neck and arm lines if you feel insecure about revealing these areas. Transparent fabrics will look elegant and expensive in shades of black, gold, red and purple,” said Maria Kulikova.

Finally, the stylist advised to abandon sequins and sparkles in favor of silk fabrics.

“Glitter isn’t just about sequins and glitter. These are the things I recommend you avoid in corporate attire; They can emphasize the excess and inappropriateness of your image. It is possible and necessary to create competition for a decorated Christmas tree, but on New Year’s Eve. And it is worth choosing a dress, jacket or skirt with a luxurious play on silk fabrics. Be aware that these fabrics enjoy a perfect cut and may show treacherous stains. Therefore, the mood of such an image requires subtlety and confident smoothness of movements,” noted the image maker.

Previously stylist Chervova in the name 5 best looks for the New Year.

Source: Gazeta


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