Hovik Keuchkerian and Vicky Luengo will star in ‘Red Queen’.

‘Red Queen’There are already lead roles in the television adaptation of the first novel in Juan Gómez-Jurado’s best-selling trilogy. Vicky Luengo (‘riot police’) and Hovik Keuchkeryan (‘La casa de papel’) will play Antonia Scott and Jon Gutiérrez, respectively, in the new series, which will air exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.

they are not a perfect coupleIt’s energies as strong as you can see in books, but when we start to see how the people we choose work and the responsibility behind them…” voiced by the author of the acclaimed thriller, Best-selling book in Spain for the third year in a rowAt a press conference organized by Prime Video to announce the two leading faces of ‘Reina Roja’.

Thus, the adaptation of the literary phenomenon, which has 2 million readers worldwide and has been translated into Turkish, has been achieved. 23 languages, It will reunite Luengo and Keuchkerian on the small screen,’riot gear‘, Rodrigo Sorogoyen series. As the translator predicts, the production, which will start shooting in “five or six weeks”, will consist of seven episodes with a release date yet to be announced.

“A pure love story between two bleeding souls who meet on the road and help each other. In this case, aid hurts, but they will bear fruit and they will shoot,” he punished the actor who gave life. a Bogota The one who confessed that he also read in ‘La casa de papel’ trilogy 8 times.

Luengo, on the other hand, emphasized how “excited, happy and excited” she was about her participation in ‘Reina Roja’. “big challenge” what it means to embody such an internationally beloved hero: “Remember, you must let go of your responsibility. You must love what you do and above all have great respect for the characters Juan has written and written. Let go of my skin to give them soul, truth, and friendship with Hovik”.

In addition to Gómez-Jurado and the actors, the meeting was hosted by the platform’s original Spanish production director, María José Rodriguez, and the actors also attended. showmanexecutive producer and fiction screenwriter Amaya Muruzábal and head of development Adriana Sol.

“With an IQ of 242, Anthony Scott He is officially the smartest person in the world. Her intelligence earned her the chance to become the ‘Red Queen’ of a secret and experimental police project, but what seemed like a gift turned into a curse and she lost everything in the end. The Red Queen organization steps in when the son of a powerful businessman is found grotesquely murdered in his mansion and the daughter of Spain’s richest man is kidnapped.

mind teacherAntonia’s ex-boss, Jon Gutierrez A grumpy Basque cop about to be dismissed from the force in order to reactivate Antonia. The twisted game of cat and mouse that Jon and Antonia find themselves in during their investigation will help them discover that they admire and complement each other almost as much as they annoy each other. The Red Queen is a disturbing thriller set in the city. Madrid another heroine, and this one combines the urgency and action of the investigation with the juicy and playful chemistry between the two protagonists,” reads the summary of the production.

produced by dopamine Y focusFor now, ‘Red Queen’ will adapt the story of the first book of the trilogy. black Wolf Y White king. Muruzábal is co-writing the script for the series with Salvador Perpiñá and is also being overseen by Gómez-Jurado.

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