Dermatologist Fileva explained the dangers of working with street shoes 16:16

Dermatologist Alexandra Fileva called on people to give up street shoes indoors. This was reported by Life.

According to the expert, indoors sweat glands begin to work more actively, which causes pathogenic microorganisms to work.

“The smell of sweat turns into a foul odor, which is a characteristic sign of the addition of bacterial or fungal flora,” the doctor explained.

He also emphasized that sitting for long periods of time with outdoor shoes can cause fungal infections or foot dyshidrosis. Lack of shifts significantly increases the risk of contracting respiratory infections. According to Fileva, feet sweat in the office, and outside they immediately begin to freeze. As a result, the body quickly becomes hypothermic and more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses.

He also called for avoiding too tight shoes, high heels and pointed-toe models; these can cause problems with ligaments and tendons.

Dermatologist Loginova in November said Russians explain ways to prevent baldness. There may be many reasons for this problem, but you can decide whether you need to sound the alarm using an easy test that can be done at home.

Causes of hair loss may be fungal diseases, hormonal changes, chronic stress, genetic predisposition, malnutrition, anemia and others.

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Source: Gazeta


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