The Russians are buying the Soviet crystal. How much does it cost and how does it fit in a new kitchen?

“Grandma’s” services – a new trend

In Avito, the popularity of products from the times of the USSR is growing. Platform users became especially interested in the Soviet crystal.

“In the first quarter of this year they began to buy 55% more often than in the fourth quarter of 2021. You can buy such a product on Avito for an average of 3,730 rubles, which is 17% less than the price of the previous quarter, ”says on the platform.

Connoisseurs of rare items can also find limited edition 1980 Olympic glasses or a colorful crystal bowl on the platform.

Porcelain sets are also gaining popularity, albeit more slowly. “Soviet porcelain is also increasingly in demand. It was bought 14% more often than the previous one. The average cost of porcelain from the USSR is 5,240 rubles, ”Avito said.

Porcelain sets and crystal salad bowls, which seem to be the heaviest burden of the old grandmother’s inheritance, are attracting more and more young people.

“Recently I noticed that old flatware is back in fashion. Personally, I like to combine “grandma’s closet” tiles with modern decor elements. Everything looks stylish when in moderation: a hand-painted cup with gold rims goes better with a minimalist tablecloth and a flat table surface,” explains 23-year-old Maria Borisova.

The girl admits that in such dishes there is a soul and history in her opinion.

“Eating and drinking from such dishes is more delicious, satisfying and teaches attention to things. My grandmother has been collecting for years, and now she has taken over the Gzhel service, which she puts on the table on all holidays and special occasions. Such simple things become invaluable and take on special meaning for us. And this is important, ”says Maria Borisova.

Our compatriots in the West stand in solidarity – they too believe that grandma’s cooking makes service unique.

“This is stylish! Services can be combined with a completely different decor. In this case, a crystal glass will become a kind of highlight on the festive table,” says Yevgenia Lavrova, a student at the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès.

At the same time, in our time, especially valuable dishes are stored in the buffet, putting them on the table only on holidays, far from all.

“Even the most expensive and memorable sets are used in my family. We don’t treat them as some sort of relic and we don’t pass on trinkets from generation to generation. The exception to this rule is some dishes in my father’s grandmother’s cupboard, because there are items there that have no practical use. For example, a crystal horn with which you can drink wine – it cannot stand on the table. I fully support my grandfather’s view: “This is not some kind of antique that you can donate to a museum or exhibit at home, but life should be lived!” — shared by a young researcher at Johannes Kepler University Linz Ilya Osenniy.

How to use services indoors

Interior designer and Fix Price network specialist Elena Karasaeva is confident that old things can be used in a new way – this is a fairly popular trend in many Western countries, which is quickly coming to Russia.

“These can be completely unexpected solutions: for example, the design of a loft-style room combined with Soviet furniture. In this style, dishes and decor elements inherited from your grandmother will look good, ”says Karasaeva.

There are many ideas for non-standard service usage. The main thing is to make it look organic in the interior and fit into the overall color scheme.

“In a modern interior you can fit not only plates, but also porcelain vases, figurines. You can find unusual ways to use it: collect an original flower arrangement from artificial plants, for example, in a porcelain bowl. A teapot or coffee pot adapted like a vase for fresh flowers can be the perfect solution,” advises Elena Karaseva.

Porcelain fits perfectly into the country style. Porcelain plates can be hung on the wall as decoration.

“By the way, before you take your old grandmother’s service out of the house, check the stamp on the back. An item between 15 and 50 years old is considered vintage, but anything over 50 is already antique. So do not rush to throw it away. Maybe there is a big story behind your service,” Karasaeva warns.

Service – a new feature of the restaurant business

The trend in Moscow restaurants is also gaining momentum. Restaurant owners believe that “homemade” porcelain or ceramic dishes create a feeling of comfort.

“We wanted to create an atmosphere like you are visiting friends or family. We often hear the phrase “I have forks like this in my country house” or “When I was a kid, my grandmother had the same tools”. It immediately prepares you for warm feelings and evokes tender childhood memories from family gatherings,” explains Yulia Selyakova, co-owner and ideological muse of Public Cafe.

According to Selkova, cafe visitors regularly ask where they can get such a service, fork or milk jug.

“Almost every day, and sometimes several times a day, guests ask us: “Where can I buy such a“ service ”? And we all tell you: this plate was bought from an old, European buyer, this is the Czech brand Thun, a reconstruction, this plate with the stamp Rosenthal was found at a flea market and there is only one for all “Public”. ”. We regularly renew forks and legs, polish them and send them to work, we catch a milkman on social networks, our friends bring us something, ”says Yulia Selyakova.

Nostalgia for all that the Soviet touched the art of serving. Crystal and porcelain sets from the Soviet era are gaining popularity in Avito, and young people are increasingly choosing plates from their grandmother’s buffet in everyday life. How ancient crystal and porcelain come into modern use, read the material “”.

Source: Gazeta


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