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Monegal’s critique: The Portrait of the Bourbons and finally not drinking bourbon


It’s hard to talk about that in the national racecourse. Bourbon and the bubbling never ends. In other words, not to stop being just another whore on TV. La Sexta’s newly released documentary series (which continues to make money on ‘Los Borbones, una familia real’ and Atresplayer) has gone to great lengths to steer clear of this useful path.

Governing Mother Pastor Y author GabilondoIt is structured thematically, not chronologically. This is an advantage. It helps to draw the picture better than different and consecutive ones. bourbon often left as a disappointing historical scar. They offered us brush strokes, for example Alfonso XIII, especially in his parallel life as a lazy fly and porn filmmaker. they told us that John Charles I He followed this path not as a producer himself, but also as the main character of the film, actually a feature film. And they didn’t hesitate to tell us how he combines this penis burning with monetary destruction, a privileged broker who confuses immunity with impunity. That’s the really serious part of this story.

actually Bourbonalmost all of them have made corruption a mark of identity. I am referring to history. Alfonso XII He punched his hand from the extras, Augustine Esteban Collantes the main What Maria Christina of Bourbon It was also a scandal with the Almadén mines. And so we were able to come back. One time Alfonso XIIIBefore escaping, he asked a powerful Catalan businessman: “Is it true that people say I’m corrupt?. And the Catalan replied: “So says my Lord. Worse still, he believes it.” In other words, this documentary not only summarized what we now know about Juan Carlos, but also charts the Bourbon lineage as a patrimonial society of boundless destruction. That is why it has been fundamental, courageous, very rare to finally hear the following question in the national media: “Is Felipe VI different from his ancestors?”

Ah! It won’t just depend on him. Also how journalism acts, exposes corruption and condemns it. Let’s not do what your father and I have done all these years, by hiding information, partnering in silence, plugging your ears and looking the other way. in his words Inaki Gabilondoin this documentary: “Primary journalistic sin.”

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