Ezekiel Ponce signed the renewal. Elche CF The Elche club announced yesterday, just after five in the afternoon, that it has exercised its option to buy the Argentine striker. Moscow Spartak.

Initially, everything was green and pointed to the fact that the green entity would not go away. Entry into force of the clause ending on 31 May and reached five million euros. The goal was to wait to see if this amount could be reduced. There was also the possibility of the player being released with the new FIFA regulations. The war between Russia and Ukraine, which allowed players in teams from these two countries to terminate their contracts and sign freely for other teamsYeah

Again, Christian Bragarnik, both player and owner of Elche, acted quickly and accuratelyanyone. All parties made economic efforts and in the end, the operation was closed with a much lower figure and payment facilities than originally envisaged.

Francisco demanded the continuation of the Argentine attacker, because he sees himself as an unstable player with goals and can also give a lot to the team on the first line of pressure. The Franjiverde manager also believes that after overcoming a knee injury and having a good pre-season, he can significantly improve his performance and make the quality leap he wants for next season.

Ezequiel Ponce is 25 years old and at the ideal age to give his best version.. He has experience in European and Spanish football. He arrived in Elche on 31 January, the last day of the winter transfer market. However, he could not debut until February 18 due to a knee injury that he recovered. The Argentine striker scored the winning goal against Rayo in his first match, and it was his only goal for Elche.

Bragarnik also pointed out that he is an interesting player in the Elche team who can improve a lot. Elche’s largest shareholder never lost hope of reaching an agreement with Spartak Moscow for sums lower than the projected amounts to buy the Argentine striker as property. “We have a high buy option, but we will look for the best possible arrangement. Often a number is put in, but then there is a bargain and can be downloaded in numbers and forms.», the owner of the Elche club commented in a public statement on May 20.

In the end, Bragarnik got away with and struck a deal with Spartak Moscow, with Ponce tied to Elche for the next four seasons. In a statement, the club announced that the option to buy has been implemented and four season renewals have been made, «Congratulations to Ezequiel for continuing to defend the green line, especially in the face of this beautiful and exciting year along with the centenary of the franciverde.».

Continuing in Elche was the main desire of the Argentine striker, which he assured in an interview with this newspaper at the end of April.I am very happy and having a lot of fun and I want to continue on Elche ». Ponce,As I prepare for a pre-season, I am confident that I will have better conditions to show my qualifications.Yeah”.

South American actor also «Elche is the closest thing to my country and my roots and both my family and I are very happy.».

The front of the next season is shaping up

with the renewal Ezekiel Ponce and together Lucas Boy With a contract in effect, Elche’s striker is shaping up for next season. Francisco already has two secondary attackers for the new project.

While what would eventually happen to Pere Milla was expected, if the Catalan continued, what seemed complicated would only take one more reinforcements to complete the offensive and occupy it. The gap that Guido Carrillo will leave.

If Milla leaves the Elche club, two new striker transfers will be needed.

Always with the uncertainty of Lucas Boyé’s future. In principle, in the presence of the franciver, they have the Argentine “9”, which, together with Ponce, will be the offensive reference for the next campaign, and Bring together two already conflicting football players in AEK de Atenayes, they didn’t come across much on the field in the season that just ended. At first, Ponce was injured, and it was Boyé who got injured when he started joining the team.

Elche will defend her rights with Pere Milla, but how the situation unfolded andHe explores the market to try to bring in two other attackers to make a quality splash on the team..

What Francisco is clear about is that the football players at his command must be fully engaged. Ponce has shown his desire to keep going, and the coach believes he can get the most out of him next year.