Dmitry Shepelev first appeared in public with his son from Zhanna Friske 10:52

TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev came to the premiere of the series “Crybaby” with his son from Zhanna Friske. This was reported by Star Strike.

Father and son appeared on the red carpet in similar looks. Dmitry Shepelev was wearing dark blue slacks, a white T-shirt and a beige denim shirt, while 10-year-old Platon was wearing gray trousers, a white T-shirt and a light-colored denim jacket. During the photo shoot, Shepelev held his son’s hand and smoothed his hair.

Plato is the son of TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev and singer Zhanna Friske. The child was born on April 7, 2013 in a private clinic in Miami. In many interviews, the TV presenter admitted that the singer’s parents and sister forbade her to see the child. Zhanna Friske’s former colleague in the group “Brilliant”, Olga Orlova, who was Plato’s godmother, also does not communicate with her.

Dmitry Shepelev has been in a relationship with designer Ekaterina Tulupova since 2018 and is raising her stepdaughter Lada. He said that his son does not call his beloved mother on social networks, but calls her by name. On March 26, 2021, the presenter became a father for the second time and the couple gave birth to a son named Tikhon.

Previously Dmitry Shepelev showed Adult son of Zhanna Friske.

Source: Gazeta


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