‘GH 9’ winner Judit reappears on Telecinco after 16 years with a big change

Judith Iglesias made history with its ninth issueBig Brotherafter becoming the first substitute contestant to win the show. Now, 16 years after his success on the Telecinco reality show, he has made a guest appearance again. ‘This is life’. Sandra Barneda and César Muñoz This Thursday, logically, they accepted the Galician, who has gone through a big change after many years, into their sets.

Sitting in the audience, the former contestant surprised the presenters with her change of perspective. “You used to be a woman in black, now you’re a blonde woman.”Barneda commented to Judit, who joked about her new image: “I just have more and more gray hair, so I need to make my hair lighter.”

Beyond this anecdote, the winner of ‘GH 9’ He shared his feelings after stepping into Telecinco studios again: “Something incredible happened to me. When they sent me to the dressing room, I was in the same situation when I came out of the final. After being locked up for so long, I remembered being there and listening to people. It was a very strange thing”.

On the other hand, he also remembered the impact he had on being able to continue his life where he left off after all the time he spent at home: “There were moments when you went out and people recognized you. I thought it would last much less, but it took more than a year.”. “I’m shy,” she replied with a laugh when Barneda asked her how she coped with the situation: “Everyone said nice things to me, but I felt overwhelmed.”

Judit assured that she is following the current issue of ‘GH VIP’ and He announced that his favorite for now is Albert. He also admitted that he would not hesitate to repeat the experience: “I would go back, I love Big Brother.”

Source: Informacion


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