Kanye West’s wife Bianca Sensori argued with her friends because of her husband 20:12

Model Bianca Sensori stopped communicating with her friends because of Kanye West. This was reported by daily mail.

Bianca Sensori’s friends believe that Kanye is a bad influence on her friends.

“A few of his friends eventually managed to reach him, but he didn’t want to talk or have anyone worry about him. He isolated himself from everyone and told one of his old friends to “fuck you” when they tried to ask if he was okay. A close friend of the model tells the publication that her friends are jealous of her popularity.

Since the beginning of August, Kanye West and his new wife Bianca Sensori have been traveling around Italy. Paparazzi photos of the couple appear regularly in the media: they show Kanye and Bianca in “naked” clothes on the streets of Italian cities. Those who already live in the country expressed dissatisfaction with the couple’s behavior.

The last straw was when Kanye West was photographed sitting on a boat in Venice with his pants down and no underwear underneath. Representatives of the company Venezia Turismo Motoscafi, on whose boat the couple was sailing, told reporters that the couple was “no longer welcome” on their vessels. In a statement, the company condemned the couple’s inappropriate actions, saying they were “completely unaware” of what was happening on the boat until the photos were made public.

Formerly known as Bianca Duyusal to come She is exhibited with a hat with earflaps and a bodysuit.

Source: Gazeta


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