Netflix has determined the release date of ‘Berlin’, a spin-off of ‘La casa de papel’

The countdown is ending for the premiere of ‘Berlin’ on Netflix. The entertainment platform announced this Monday: spin off From ‘La casa de papel’ It will arrive in your catalog next Friday, December 29th..

by-product Money Robbery It tells about one of the most extraordinary robberies of the iconic character he plays. Pedro Alonsoreprising the role of the hedonistic and cunning Berlin.

His new band with him: Michelle Jenner (“Isabel”) plays Keila, a respected name in electronics engineering; Tristan Ulloa (“Fariña”) puts himself in the shoes of Damián, a benevolent professor and confidant from Berlin; Begoña Vargas (“Welcome to Eden”) stars Cameron, a kamikaze who has always lived on the edge; Julio Pena Fernandez (“From My Window”) He plays Roi, Berlin’s loyal squire; And Joel Sanchez He plays Bruce, the group’s ruthless action man. Itziar Ituno (‘La casa de papel’) and Najwa Nimri (“La casa de papel”) stars police officers Raquel Murillo and Alicia Sierra reprising their roles respectively.

Samantha Siqueiros (‘Miss Steel’), Julien Paschal (‘One year, one night’), Masi Rodríguez And Rachel Lascar (“From my window”). They complete the ‘Berlin’ squad.

The eight episodes of the series were created by. Alex Pina (‘La casa de papel’, ‘Sky Rojo’) and Esther Martinez Lobato Written by (“La casa de papel”, “Sky Rojo”). Alex Pina, Esther Martinez Lobato, David Barrocal, David Oliver And Lorena G Maldonadoand is managed by Albert Pinto (‘Sky Rojo’, ‘Malasaña 32’), David Barrocal (“Sky Red”) and Geoffrey Cowper (‘Third degree’).

This will be ‘Berlín’, a spin-off of ‘La casa de papel’

There are only two things that can turn a terrible day into a great one: one is love and the other is a million-dollar booty. These are the engines that moved Berlin in its golden years, when it was not yet aware of its illness and was not locked in the Mint like a mouse. Here he dedicates himself to preparing one of his most extraordinary heists: He eliminates 44 million jewels as if it were an act of illusion, and for this he establishes one of the three gangs he has robbed with in his life.

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