Sasha Bortich changed her image and published her first photos 16:28

Russian theater and film actress Sasha Bortich changed her image and showed the first photos from a beauty salon on her personal blog.

Sasha Bortich decided to change her haircut and style. The actress got her hair permed and changed the length of her hair. She appeared in front of the camera without make-up and showed the result from different angles.

“He is a very happy child. This is how I look so far,” Bortich wrote.

The celebrity has a son from businessman Evgeny Savelyev; The boy named Alexander will turn three on June 22. The actor admitted: they did not plan to become parents so quickly, but they were delighted with the news that they would soon join the family. The “Slave” star hid that she was a mother for almost two months, and then began to actively share moments from the child’s life with subscribers on social networks.

Sasha Bortich in May 2023 acceptedHe said that the child was separated from his father. Rumors about it appeared in 2022. Fans suggested that all was not well in the family when the actress stopped posting photos with her husband. Later, the star flew to the Maldives with her son without her husband, which increased the followers’ guesses about the disharmony in the relationship. According to the star, they remained friends and continue to raise their children together.

Previously in Bortich bridal gown sang After the news of Petrov’s wedding to his ex-girlfriend.

Source: Gazeta


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