Britain’s largest family reveals how much food they buy per week

British Noel and Sue Radford said they spent £114 a week on grocery stores, where they managed to feed 24 people. This has been reported Sun.

Britain’s biggest family shared how they saved money on their YouTube channel. Radford’s posted a video showing the unpacking of bags from the supermarket, which completely takes up the kitchen area.

Father Noel Radford said, “Big packet of pasta, spaghetti, chicken, big box of cereal.”

They also bought ground beef, orange juice, milk, 30 eggs, a 5kg bag of rice, fruits and vegetables, and more. In total, the family spent £114 and shared lifehacks on how to save money on food.

“Make a list ahead of time and plan your meals weeks in advance to know which foods to buy in bulk. If you choose to buy a lot of food at once, this will help you save money in the long run,” says Radfords.

They also recommended that the same meals be cooked in different ways and portions so as not to throw away food waste.

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Source: Gazeta


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