Chanel replies in ‘La noche D’: Are you in a relationship with the dancer you kissed?

channel He landed in Spain last Sunday after his third place at Eurovision and hasn’t stopped participating in different commits and interviewing since then. Last night, the singer and dancer was the hero of a special episode. ‘D-Night’broadcast live on La 1 for the first time. Eva Soriano It broke the season record with a good share of 10.9%.

In the last minutes of the night, some of the audience had the opportunity to ask questions to Chanel. One was not cut and He wanted to know if he was having an affair with dancer MarĂ­a, whom he kissed in front of the TVE cameras. After the Eurovision final.

On a piece of paper that Chanel later reads, the audience asks, “Are you in a relationship with the dancer you kissed?” she wrote. Showcasing a great sense of humor during the interview, the representative responded with the help of his colleagues. “A relationship can be many things, really…”Maria fell while completing the sentence: “We all kissed”.

Eva Soriano came to the rescue of her guest and deduced her significance from the commented kiss between the two: “Who hasn’t ate with a friend on a night out?”.

All spectators “let them kiss!” after he started shouting Chanel asked the presenter to give Maria a kiss. In addition to complying with this request, Eva did not hesitate to kiss Raquel, the other dancer and translator of ‘Slomo’.

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