Carmen Porter: “What I want is for people to learn from me”

carmen the porter Professionally connected with her husband for 20 years, Iker Jimenez. She has been at the forefront of radio shows and television spots with him. ‘fourth millennium’ Y ‘Horizon’they specialize in dealing with paranormal phenomena and conspiracy theories. This Tuesday, May 17, the journalist became independent of her partner and took charge of her first solo show. ‘The future’ (Four, 22:45), where he will deal with related matters. science, technology and innovation.

Reminding that his new program began to take shape when ‘Horizonte’ first aired, Porter explains, “What I want is for people to learn from me in the hands of medical, technology and engineering experts.” Space was born with a ‘Future’-like profession, “but the current situation of covid and war was raging” and dragged them down other paths.

The seed of ‘Futura’ is actually in an episode that Porter presents in ‘Horizonte’. Paul SourceThe ‘next’ is the collaborative saver for this project. The new program “will be an extension of what was described in that episode,” he explains, and the goal will be to experience the innovations discussed on the same set.

The journalist, who will talk about her solo debut, adds, “There are tremendous scientific advances happening every day and they are overlooked. Here we will make room for new technologies that will help us every day.” a little transcranial electrostimulation helmetswill go into metadata store and the operation of the Canfranc Underground Laboratory, where a group of scientists investigate phenomena such as the detection of dark matter.

Porter himself is very accustomed to criticismAnd they don’t scare you. “The truth is, I wear them well and they don’t impress me,” she says. “As we’ve always been criticized for talking about the programs we do, ghosts and UFOs, with the pandemic we’ve already made a shield for ourselves when the strongest criticism comes,” says Futura, host and director of the upcoming Futura. He became attached to his wife thanks to his labor ‘Horizonte’.

Despite promising to return, what he will leave parked for a while is the ‘Fourth Millennium’. Because he also lives with Iker Jiménez, he cannot completely separate himself from the program. “We all have an office at home and we take more care of what is ours. But then we put things in common, we talk about the guests of each show, what we think if we leave a topic in this or that area. ..”, work that always works great for them explains the methods. “It’s them many years together [y una hija en común, Alma, que ya tiene 10 años], and this is also our life. When we stop programming, we will continue to do the same things we did before we went on TV,” he emphasizes.

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