Ours Petsit is more exposed if not summer annoying pests. To avoid a bad time and protect them from annoying events bites Y stings We can consider some steps to reduce the risk of exposure to an attack. mosquitoesticks, fleas and other dangerous vermin…

Shampoo and wash often

This best defense against pests trying to get under our fur or skin Pets is to keep your hygieneespecially for these dogs having wrinkles or loose skin.

Wash with shampoo and often.

In addition to wash properly It is important for our pets to take a close look at the pads of the paws. remove residue and detect if there are any ticks or other pests under the hair strands.

Use effective repellents

available anti-parasite collars, It is effective for months against ticks and fleas and has a repellent effect. mosquitoes and culicids. Many of these collars can be used on puppies after a certain week.

They also effective pipettes against ticks, flea, mosquitoes Y flies. They are applied monthly and do not lose their effectiveness if the pet gets wet.

Check frequently for fleas or ticks

Pets spend more time outside in the summer, so they are more exposed to fleas or ticks. It is very important to check frequently for these unpleasant ‘slums’ under our pet’s fur. Signs like excessive scratching or licking can warn us that something is wrong.

to remove flea It is recommended to catch them. cotton balls dipped in alcohol and then leave the fleas in a glass of water to drown them.

To properly remove a tick, use tweezers or forceps and pull slowly and to achieve full extraction continuously. once out, throw it in the toilet or wrap it in paper and throw it in the trash. It is very important to wash your hands well afterwards.

Bring the pet inside at dawn and dusk

Both dawn and dusk are key hours of activity. mosquitoes. To avoid overexposure of our pet verminrecommendable Keep them indoors during this time.

Bring the pet inside at dawn and dusk

Indoor and outdoor cleaning

Hygiene is the surest way to prevent pests spread or insects multiply. Vacuum floors, carpets often, change sheets and duvets often… It’s also a good idea to install mosquito nets on windows or doors.

It is important to regularly clean waterers, bird baths, and pool covers, including the sprinkler system if equipped. By cleaning the inside and outside of the house, we prevent insects from settling and breeding.

Indoor and outdoor cleaning

mowing grass in the garden

Pets love to explore, get into grass, bushes… do not spend too much time in these areas because many pests like ticks live in tall grass. If your house has grass, try to keep it short, especially adjacent to sidewalks, fences, trees, swings… Also, avoid walking with your pet in very humid areas or stagnant water (where mosquitoes breed). ).

All these measures will help us relieve discomfort and pain what our pets feel with the movement of some insects. The well-being, happiness and health of our animals is as important to their owners as they are to them, so we must do everything we can to achieve this.