Top 10 memes of Eurovision 2022

Eurovision 2022 This is history, but the remnant of feelings is still far from dissipating.. Chanel’s third place trembled the whole country, and it restored the lost pride after more than a decade of dismal results at the European song festival. despite being consumed victory UkraineAs all bookies predicted, Spain fought for victory until the end and finished third second only a few points behind England.

All of Spain gathered in front of the television on Saturday night, we are excited that ‘Europe is having a celebration’, something not seen since Rosa López, and therefore record audiences await experts, thanks to the power of ‘SloMo’. This follow the gala social media He did not leave anyone indifferent, and it did not take long for the memes to appear.

The first thing that caught the attention of Twitter users was this: special atmosphere What happened in Europe during the last premiere of Eurovisión.

after many tries enjoy a historic third row Although the general consensus is that Chanel could have won had the circumstances been different.

he is so afraid Spain can’t keep up It was shown on stage in Turin by the Catalan artist.

Chanel’s enthusiasm lasted long in Spain. And that, besides the undoubted merits of the Spanish representative and the dance crew, was partly the team’s fault. ballads one after the other presented in the second part of the gala.

Of course, while reasonable similarities.. One of the most commented on was a comment from one of the Romanian dance crew members, many of whom reminded me of broadcaster ‘elxokas’.

Another detail that did not go unnoticed was how very reminiscent of the French proposal. performance tanxugueiras led to Benidorm Festival.

In addition to Chanel, they really liked the performance of Romania in Spain. So much so that they took our 10 points from the television. “Hello baby call me call me“She was singing passionately in many parts of the country.

Even the undisputed winner Ukraine could not get rid of breast meat. And it was that some members of the representation wore at least an odd outfit.

Even brands have taken advantage of the shot to stand out just a little bit. This Rasmus singer’s yellow raincoat A famous food brand came to mind.

And if there’s one thing that hasn’t changed its edition after the edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s that someone asks the usual question about one of the participants: Why is Australia participating?

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