Banner against Franco and nine other secrets of Spain, which Eurovision tried to hide at the festival

Although our country’s participation in the competition is irregular, one thing has not changed over the years: Unpredictable events. If not, say it to Jaime Morey, who sang among the scent bombs.

two shares Raphael. untimely return gene. This Playback from Brown sugar. silence hull. This ilo points from Caroline Married. cockerel Manuel Navarro. magic trick Sureya. (not) love Amaya and Alfred. diamond Ruth Lawrence. fall barei. Eurovision is a curiosity filter that has more or less resonated over time. 10 moments collected here, I didn’t win Eurovision eitherThe book by Javier Adrados and Patricia Godes that saved them secrets This extra musical selection is made up of tracks disguised by the success or failure of its commentators, such as stink bombs, pharyngitis, banners, funerals, and even bad omens.

Sugar Brown lost her red dresses

rogue’ | 1990

5th place

Azúcar Moreno’s transition from Eurovision left a mark. Not just because of their tenacity as they left the stage or the claws they were defending. bandit. Encarna and Toñi were pure roots in Zagreb. Especially in times of crisis. Like when they lost their luggage and had to Swap her red dresses for an unexpectedly purchased black dress in the Croatian capital. Seven years ago, Remedios Amaya experienced a similar situation for technical reasons. Suggested solution to the translator Who is using my boat? It was to reuse the clothes she used in rehearsals: a diagonal striped flowy tunic, which is highly criticized in our country. Like bare feet. A gesture by Raquel del Rosario with El Sueño de Morfeo in 2013. With you until the end.

Sergio Dalma’s acute pharyngitis

glued dance’ | 1991

4th row

The 90s kicked off with Azucar Moreno’s acclaimed fifth place in the competition. This legendary performance in Zagreb gradually became known to the national public, who trusted the young Sergio Dalma. The singer arrived in Rome blessed with an Italian-style ballad that laid the foundations for his career in pop music and later. It was all built on illusion, but an acute pharyngitis was about to put him out of the competition. “I was inside a situation in which it is impossible to sing”, recalls Adrados and Godes. So she went to the doctor, who recommended a few days off. It was a difficult prescription to fulfill in the middle of a week of rehearsals, so he had to take medication. Two days later, he improved himself a lot and was able to continue preparations. Still, yes, carefully.

The dismissal of Bisbal, which Ramón said

To fill me with you’ | 2004

10th place

Operación Triunfo 3 did not have the expected success. Led by Vicente, Davinia, Miguel or Bea, the group went unnoticed in the format that Manuel Carrasco, Chenoa, David Bustamante or Nena Daconte had upped a few years ago. However, the producer remained committed to the musical event. This is where Ramón del Castillo comes in. won with to fill me with youA song that doesn’t fit her. “Of the three they gave me, this wasn’t my favorite. I was not comfortable,” the artist tells Adrados y Godes. “No doubt, It was an attempt to continue the style that marked David Bisbal.. It was something that was dropped from their first album”. Once in the Eurovision race, she faced many mixed feelings. On the one hand, he wanted to go; and on the other hand, doing so respected him. (Bad) luck wanted me to open To showan unwanted privilege at the festival… He also had to deal with a slight hoarseness.

Banner to TNT and Franco

Conch | 1964

12th row

The print swept away by Gigliola Cinquetti non ho l’etàSpain got the Italian-Uruguayan brothers Tony, Nelly and Tim. They arrived in Denmark in a complex sea ​​shellis a melodramatic theme composed by Fina de Calderón. They finished in an insignificant twelfth place… However, it is one of the longest-running performances in our country’s history in the competition. Reason? An activist’s banner against Franco and Salazar Protest against Iberian dictatorships. The broadcast was discontinued at that time. This action caused the Francoist public body to raise the possibility of delaying the broadcast by 15 seconds to check the content.

Anabel Conde was told it would be fatal

Come back with me’ | one thousand nine hundred ninety five

2nd row

With the support of almost no one, Anabel Conde made history after winning the silver medal. For now, it’s a landmark starring Karina, Mocedades, and Betty Missiego. But with the peculiarity of being unrecognized and having almost no professional experience. With a stunning song, the Malaga-born singer conquered Dublin’s Point Theathe. An event they never expected from record companies. They actually told him very clearly not to get excited because it would be scary. A comment that hardly impressed him, given the skills he demonstrated on stage. The singer returned to the competition in 2005 as the backing vocalist for Marian van de Wal, the letter from Andorra.

Mocedades did not want to participate

it’s you’ | 1973

2nd row

125 points. This is the number Spain has not been able to beat in competition for 49 years. Mocedades took it with Eres tú and has only managed to beat the hundred points four times since: Betty Missiego (Her Song), Bravo (Lady, lady), Sergio Dalma (Dance close to each other) and Anabel Conde (Come back to me). Oddly enough, this success may not have happened. Vocalist Amaya Uranga explains: “If it were up to me, we wouldn’t be going to the festival. I find it very ugly that someone judges you in front of so many people.. We’ve worked hard so we don’t owe anyone anything.” The melody triumphed on the Old Continent, opening the doors to Latin America and the United States. It was #1 in Mexico, Panama, and El Salvador. And in Dutch, Danish, English, Norwegian. , Swedish, Czech, Finnish, Vietnamese, French, Afrikaans, Portuguese, German, Korean, Italian and Basque versions were made.

Only two artists repeated their performances

A little something’ | 2010

15th place

In the format’s history, only two non-winning artists have had the honor of repeating their proposal. The first of these was Domenico Modugno. In 1958, the Italian sang her song. Nel blu dipinto di blu due to a technical malfunction. In 2010, Daniel Diges later did the same. Jimmy Jump occupied the stage in the middle of the choir. In a way, it reminds me of the activist who attacked TNT with a banner against Franco and Salazar in 1964. On that occasion, they never set foot on the set again. Something British SuRie didn’t do either, after she was interrupted by a subject who rang her microphone and wrote “We want freedom for the Nazis of the UK media”. Dr. ACactivism’s nickname, regularly at events such as the National Television Awards or Sound.

Funeral of Rodolfo Chikilicuatre

chiki chiki’ dance | 2008

15th place

The Rodolfo Chikilicuatre affair started out as a joke. A comedian representing Spain at Eurovision? It sounded silly. And it really was. David Fernández’s alter ego was created by Joan Grau, the late-night writer for Buenafuente in La Sexta. The original idea was to create a comic cliché for one of the episodes, but things went even further: they composed the lyrics, recorded the video clip and submitted it to the national primary on the initiative of an editor. Voting was open that year, meaning anyone could vote to choose 10 candidates to fight in a final gala. While Andreu and the company didn’t come to the fore until they decided to run their promotional campaign through the private channel, the bet worked right from the start. In an instant, the scores went up. Rodolfo defeated La Casa Azul and remained surrounded by tremendous controversy in Serbia. So much so that there was a debate in the Parliament about the bad image this issue gave to the country. After going through the festival, David said: I didn’t want to continue with the character. So the week he got back on the show, they killed him. The hearse is included. The producer respected his last request.

Fragrance bomb to Jaime Morey

Dawn’ | 1972

10th place

The tremendous success Raphael, Julio Iglesias, Massiel, Salomé and Karina enjoyed during their time at Eurovision hurt Jaime Morey. The year is 1971 and TVE has chosen its representative manually, a decision that breaks with the dynamics of previous years and does not quite fit a loyal audience. Although it was far from a negligible tenth position, the final emotion was not happiness. The singer even asked the press if he would return to Madrid after such an outcome. However, something happened during her performance that the cameras didn’t catch: One of the audience members threw a stink bomb at the stalls. The sound of the explosions was just like that of a short circuit.caused many people to try to flee the area. Maybe because of this, maybe because of his nerves, the artist was not as good at rehearsals, he could have punished him during the voting.

Julio Iglesias, one stumble and many nerves

Gwendolyn’ | 1970

4th row

It has been written that Julio Iglesias will participate in the competition. Two seasons before the attack, Life is still the same at Benidorm Festival. Since then, success has multiplied and his name has started to appear on the charts. No one in Spain (almost) knew him, but the rest of the continent still resisted him. So the Eurovision option seemed like a great opportunity. He went on a date with Gwendolyne, who quickly positioned herself among the favourites. Expectations were high and nerves were high. On March 21, the singer went on stage in the company of the singer. triple. It was shy at first, a feeling that gradually faded as the melody progressed. The feeling was so great that when it was over, bid farewell to the people walking backwards… caused a minor stumble, which he managed to save gracefully. Like everything he does.

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