Disabled model walks the runway at Australian Fashion Week

26-year-old disabled model Stephanie Kelly attended Australian Fashion Week for the first time. This has been reported daily mail.

Fashion Week, which started on May 9 in Australia, will continue until May 13. Last Wednesday, May 11, 26-year-old disabled model Stephanie Kelly appeared at one of the shows.

It was reported that Stephanie was born with multiple heart conditions and hypokalemia (low potassium levels in the blood – approx. socialbites.ca), as a result of which she spent her teenage years in a wheelchair. In 2018, Kelly was in a car accident, after which he was diagnosed with a stomach motility disorder, gastroparesis, intestinal failure, and had his gallbladder removed. The girl had to switch to parenteral nutrition – nutrients enter her body through the veins.

“I hope my example will raise awareness of the diseases I suffer, promote diversity and inclusion in fashion, and demonstrate that people who wear medical devices can live normal lives,” said Stephanie Kelly.

Formerly socialbites.ca reported Lauren Vasser, who lost her legs due to a tampon, was on the cover of Elle France magazine.

Source: Gazeta


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