Eurovision 2022 | These are favorites: Where is Chanel?

Two and a half months before the next Eurovision Song Contest is held in Turin (Italy), there are already 19 countries that have chosen their songs for the competition, others in the selection process. That’s why bookies begin to summarize what they are. Favorite of the 14 May victory.

and how is it going Chanel? Coming with the theme ‘SloMo’, the Spanish representative was well received among bookies. Although Spain dropped a few places after Benidorm Fest, the truth is that Catalan stabilized in the top 10 and currently in 9th place for bookies. This is a very good starting position and Highest position for Spain since Beth (He finished 8th in 2003), thus surpassing Pastora Soler (2012) and Ruth Lorenzo (2014) in 10th place.

The truth is that although there are still many countries that will release their songs, there are other countries that have not yet released and are at the top: France 10. and while only revealing the themes of his preselection, Switzerland 8. they didn’t even announce the artist’s name without their public television.

AustraliaThe 2nd place in the bets chooses its representative on Saturday, February 26. Sweden This is the 4th and three more pre-selected Melodifestivalen premieres. On the other hand, countries such as England, Russia or Cyprus below did not show their cards. Therefore, everything could change in the coming weeks.

It seems that yes Norway with subwoolfer (7th in betting), Ukraine (5th) with Kalush Orchestra and Poland (3rd) with Krystian Ochman They are already favourites. But today there is a winner: Italy choosing Mahmood and Blanco For the competition after his victory in San Remo, he starts to be drawn as the main favourite, as the bets are number 1. Will they repeat the victory for the second year in a row?

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