Blogger shared a lifehack on how to stretch jeans

The blogger found a practical way to stretch tight jeans. writes about him Sun.

Kristina Kacheeva posted a video on TikTok where she demonstrates a clever technique for stretching tight jeans in an accessible way. At the beginning of the video, you can see how the blogger is trying to zip up the small pants. However, after a few seconds, this model fits perfectly.

To achieve an effective result, you must first wash your jeans and wear them while they are wet. Then you need to start moving actively, you can dance or do sports exercises. Thus, they will stretch and sit perfectly on the figure. Jeans should be dried after this life hack.

Subscribers appreciated the life hack and noted that it works effectively: “I didn’t know about it. A great way to relax.”

Former cleaning expert saidHow to clean the grill from dirt and grease.

Source: Gazeta


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