Eva Soriano (‘La noche D’): “I want to present the bells I don’t care about”

The third season of ‘La noche D’ will air tonight at 10:40 PM on TVE’s La 1 channel.. Tuesday Prime Time area on public channel, Eva Soriano as presenter. Will have ChenoaLeo Harlem and Flo they will engage as regular collaborators and with a touch of humor “for the whole family”. We spoke with Eva Soriano at YOTELEHost of TVE by Good Mood and The Pool.

Are you experiencing this with some vertigo?

No, the truth is I’m very calm. This is a big challenge and opportunity, I don’t think too much about some things. If I don’t flip, I don’t draw, so I don’t have a bad time.

Are you afraid of comparisons with the show’s previous host, Dani Rovira?

I’m sure they will be compared. But we have nothing to do with it, we’re just funny. Just because you like one or the other doesn’t mean you don’t have to like the other person. This is a different bet. I’ll try to get everyone to like it but if there’s someone who doesn’t like me then there are a lot more comedians out there. If you don’t want to consume me, I understand, neither will I.

Were you able to talk to Rovira so she could tell you about her previous experiences in the program?

Yes, I spoke to him and he sent me many kisses and strength. He didn’t tell me anything else, and I prefer that. In the end, he had his own experience in his own way, and I think I should live mine from scratch without getting feedback from anyone else. I want to be at least drunk and fresh of everything.

Surprised by the call to present this format at Prime Time?

My career and trajectory have taken me by surprise. If I think of my colleagues who have a long way to go, I came here in a very short time. After 4 years in television, I never thought I would have a show on Prime Time. Let’s hope evolution increases or stays the same, or I will have a terrible evolution. I’m 32, I may be the youngest person to host a prime time show.

How are you going to combine that with the radio show?

Very sleepy. I get up at 6 am and take some important naps. This is not incompatible with radio because there are only two recording days per week.

Have you felt discrimination just because you are a woman in the world of comics?

Whether male or female, I had the best transition, the transition where they got what they wanted to audition. There are many people who say, “There is a lot of competition between you women”, it is not. Women are created to compete all our lives. All that has changed, and now we see many of our colleagues, not only collaborating on television shows, but also hosting them, which is great.

Did you notice the fame of your participation in the show ‘Your face is calling out to me’?

I noticed. Since it is such a family program, the fans I have thanks to Antena 3 are very nice, there are many children who ask me for photos. The reality of being an idol for kids is overwhelming because I’m ridiculous because when they grow up someone will want to be like me.

You’ve mentioned a lot lately that you want to present the bells, is that true?

I uploaded a joke on the networks comparing my fourth place in ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’ and the fourth place Chenoa in ‘Operación Triunfo’. The joke said: “Can you imagine Chenoa and I presenting the bells and pointing at us when the quarter rings?” It was hilarious, but now I have a format in La 1 and I can ring the bells here, I’m so brash. All I want is I don’t care, to present them as if they were on Netflix.

Are there any celebrities who will be a guest at ‘La noche D’ that you are particularly excited about?

I don’t know who they’re bringing in, except for the first show. I would be so excited for Rosalia, I interviewed her for EuropaFM, she seems like the nicest person in the world to me and I think she has an interview. I just want to talk to that person and I’m also addicted to their albums. I can’t handle ‘La Combi Versace’ anymore, I need to know how to get out of that song.

Will we see you sing and dance on the show?

Yes, I can do anything so you can see me sing, dance, box and whatever. I am a very unconscious person, I do not think about the consequences of my actions.

How is your family environment experiencing this explosion in the media world?

If we take into account the transition that has taken place, they are going pretty well. Having you with them and having your daughter stop and greet is very curious to my family. It was not so sudden, it came slowly and naturally. I accepted that I would be recognized in my position and that there would be people who would ask me for a photo. In the end, it’s part of my job and what it is. I am very happy that my family is proud of me and that people appreciate what I do.

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