Dzhigan’s 11-year-old daughter responded to criticism of her photo “with makeup for 18 years” 23:23

The eldest daughter of businesswoman Oksana Samoilova and rapper Dzhigan Ariel admitted that she feels older than her age with makeup. She spoke about this on social networks.

Oksana Samoilova admitted in a personal blog that she is worried about the growing interest of fans in the family. “I’m preparing him for the fact that he will have to deal with negativity every day,” admitted the businesswoman.

In the video, 11-year-old Ariela responded to criticism of her photo “with makeup for 18 years”.

“Of course I look 18 when I put on makeup. But now no. Why is there no negativity? I’m waiting for the negative! – said the artists’ daughter.

Samoilova had previously confirmed that her husband Dzhigan no longer lives with his family. Rumors of discord in the family began to spread after Dzhigan stopped appearing in joint frames on Samoilova’s blog. The blogger did not comment on the situation in any way, but did publish a letter from her daughter in which she wrote that she supported her mother in a discussion with the father of the heiress.

After that, Dzhigan got in touch and explained his move. The musician said that he was away from his family for a while to record a new album.

Previously reportedThat Oksana Samoilova reacted to Djigan’s correspondence that leaked to the network.

Source: Gazeta


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